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High-Vacuum Pumping Station with Pfeiffer Turbo and Rotary Vane Backing Pump - EQ-PV-HVS2-LD

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This Turbo-molecular Pumping Station consists of World-famous Pfeiffer's Turbomolecular Pump and High Speed (156L/min) Rotary Vane Backing Pump. Such a combination provides faster evacuation speed and enables efficient pumping of larger tube chambers up to 100 liters. The backing pump and turbo-molecular pump are installed inside the mobile cart, including vacuum gauge, KF40 SS vacuum bellows, and front LCD digital display. 600 x 600mm mobile table can load any furnace up to 600 Lbs. It is an ideal tool for most of MTI's tube furnaces to achieve high vacuum >10^-4 Torr.

Mobile Cart Structure
  • Mobile cart size: 600 (L) x 600 (W) x 700(H), mm
  • Max. Loading: 600 Lbs. on top
  • Molecular pump control Panel: LCD digital
  • Inside: Pfeiffer vacuum pump made in Germany
Control panel
  • One button operation - the mechanical pump and the turbo molecular pump will start after pressing "start" button
  • System controlled spinning speed - the controller will control the speed of the turbine spinning up and down according to the vacuum level and leaking rate of the reaction chamber.
  • Self-protection - the system will protect the pump from damage by overheating and overcurrent if the leaking rate of the reaction chamber is too high to achieve the high vacuum. 
  • LCD screen - double lines parameters checking interface make the working easier to be handled. 

Turbo Pump and Accessories

  • One 600mm length SS vacuum bellows is built-in from the station.
  • One 1000 mm length SS vacuum bellows with KF25 port is included in the standard package for extended connection distance to other equipment.
  • One KF-25 Vacuum Right-Angle Valve and three KF25 quick clamps are included in the standard package.
    **Volume Flow Rate:
    • Nitrogen    N2     33 L/s
    • Helium      He     39 L/s      (2340L/minute)
    • Hydrogen  H2   32 L/s
    **Compression Rate:
    • Nitrogen    N2     >1E11
    • Helium      He     6*1E6
    • Hydrogen  H2   >1E5
Rotary Vane Backing Pump
  • Pumping Rate (m3/h)
    • 50Hz:   8 m³/h    (2.2 L/s)
    • 60Hz:   9.6 m³/h (2.6 L/s)
  • Max. Vacuum ≤5x10E-2 Pa or  4x10E-4  torr
  • As a dual stage backing pump, it improves the pumping performance and enables the pumping of larger tube chambers up to 100 liters

Ultimate Pressure

<7.5E-9Torr (1E-6Pa) without any leaking

Start-up Time

8 Min.

Vacuum Sensor Working Range

From 750Torr to <7.5E-7Torr (1E5Pa ~ <1E-5Pa)

Voltage /max. power

  • AC110V or AC220V
  • <1000W


180 lb

Optional Accessories

Combination of EQ-PV-HVS2-LD Turbo-molecular Pumping Station with EQ-VPC-MV Precision Vacuum Pressure Regulating System is a solution for precisely controlling the vacuum pressure in a vacuum chamber/system.  Order Turbo-molecular Pumping Station with Precision Vacuum Pressure Regulating System from product options or Click the picture below to view Precision Vacuum Pressure Regulating System

   (Installation on the mobile cart is available upon request at extra cost )

  • One year manufacturer warranty. (Attention: Improper use will cause all claims for liability and warranties to be forfeited. Improper use is deemed to be all use for purposes deviating from those mentioned in below, especially: 
    • Pumping of corrosive or explosive media.
    • Pumping of condensing vapors.
    • Pumping of liquids.
    • Pumping of dust.
    • Operation with improper high levels of insulated heat input.
    • Operation in potentially explosive areas.)
Application Notes
  • To protect the environment & human health, please use Traps & Filters to minimize exhaust. 
  • To protect vacuum pump from damage by condensed vapors or small particles, please connect a cold trap or particle trap to the pump foreline ( click on the pictures below for details ).
  • Service for the turbo pumps is recommended every 4 years under conditions with light gas loads. 
Operation Manual from Peiffer  

Standard Accessories Package 


 KF-25 Vacuum Right-Angle Valve



 KF-25 SS Vacuum Bellows (1000 mm )



 KF-25 Quick Clamp with Rubber O-Ring


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