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260 L/s Compact Turbo Vacuum Pump with Vacuum Gauge - Made in Germany - PV-DN100-LD

Transported by LTL Freight (Truck)

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The Pfeiffer PV-HVS-DN100 is a compact turbo pumping station and ideally suited for pumping down small to medium-sized volumes. The performance of the backing pump can be maximized when needed and when the pumping performance is not required, automatically reduce the pumping speed to operate in ultra-quiet mode.


  • Compact high-performance pumping station for all high and ultrahigh vacuum applications
  • Plug and play solution with Horace 300 turbopump and multistage diaphragm pump MVP 015-4
  • Intermittent mode adapts the pumping station to the process conditions and saves up to 90% energy
  • Easy integration of pressure gauges from the accessories

Backing Pump

  • Model: MVP 015-4 Multistage Diaphragm Pump
  • Pumping speed backing pump at 50 Hz: 0.75m^3/h | 0.44 cfm | 12.5 l.min

Ultimate Pressure

  • DN 100 ISO-K: < 1 • 10^-7 mbar without any working chamber. 
Turbo Pump's Pumping Speed
  • Nitrogen    N2     260 L/s
  • Helium      He     255 L/s      
  • Hydrogen  H2     220 L/s
  • Argon        Ar      255 L/s 

Compression Ratio
  • Nitrogen    N2     > 1 * 10^11
  • Helium      He      > 1 * 10^8   
  • Hydrogen  H2     9 * 10^5
  • Argon        Ar      > 1 * 10^11
Gas throughput at full rotational speed
  • Nitrogen    N2     5 hPa • l/s
  • Helium      He      8 hPa • l/s
  • Hydrogen  H2     > 14 hPa • l/s
  • Argon        Ar      2 hPa • l/s


  • 110 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 270W

Optional Full Range Pressure gauge

  • Pfeiffer MPT 200 AR Pirani/cold cathode combination, KF25 Port
  • 5E-9 - 1000 mbar

Optional Gate Valve

  • DN100 ISO-K or DN100 CF high vacuum bellow sealed manual gate valve (stainless steel)


  (DN100-CF-F)     (DN100-ISO-K)


38.8 lb (17.6 kg)

Warranty  One year manufacturer warranty ( The damage caused by misuse not included )  Improper use will cause all claims for liability and warranties to be forfeited. Improper use is deemed to from those mentioned below:
  • Pumping of corrosive or explosive media.
  • Pumping of condensing vapors.
  • Pumping of liquids.
  • Pumping of dust.
  • Operation with improper high gas throughput.
  • Operation with improper high fore-vacuum pressures.
  • Operation with the improper gas mode.
  • Operation with improper high levels of insulated heat input.
  • Venting with improper high venting rates.
  • Use of the vacuum pump to generate pressure.
  • The operation of the devices in areas with ionizing radiation.
  • Operation in potentially explosive areas.
  • The operation of the devices in systems where the turbopumps are subjected to im-pact-like stress and vibrations or the effect of periodically occurring forces.
  • The use of accessories or spare parts, which are not named in this manual.
Operations Manual             
Application Notes
  • Silicon O-ring vacuum flange (for quartz tube and ceramic tube) achieves vacuum pressure up to 1E-5 torr. To obtain higher vacuum pressure (1E-6 and 1E-7torr), consider using the CF type flange. Please check our CF flange processing tube here.
  • Service for the turbopumps is recommended every 4 years under conditions with light gas loads. 
  • TUV Certified
  • CE Approved

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