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Desktop Ultrafast Thermal Pressing Furnace (UFTP) up to 2900°C at > 200K/s Rate & 10 kgf -RTP-M1

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Item Number: RTP-M1
Transported by LTL Freight (Truck)
RTP-M1 is a desktop Ultrafast thermal Pressing Furnace ( UFTP) ) with a heating speed of more than 200oC/minute heating rate up to 2900°C under the selectable deadweight and controlled atmosphere.  It is a cost-effective tool to study material properties under fast over-heated conditions。It also can be used as an RTP annealing furnace or modifed into a  CSS film coater

Furnace Feature

  • 6" Quartz tube and SS flange as atmosphere control chamber with a vacuum level of 10x10-5 torr. ( inside gold coating is optional for better heating reflection.
  • Two tungsten foil or graphite foil disks as the heating element can reach 2900°Cmax. rapidly under low voltage and high current.
  • The gap between the two foils is adjustable for various sample thickness
  • The vacuum-sealed deadweight can apply to the sample for hot pressing 
  • IR temperature sensor and the display are available as an option at an extra cost.
Furnace Power 
  • 208 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase
  • 16 kW transformer with output of 20VAC to heater
Heating Elements and DC Power Supply
  • Two sets  of 2" tungsten disc with 0.2 mm thickness are included
  • Two sets of 2" graphite disc with 0.2 mm thickness are included
  • Max. current:  : 500A (DC)
  • DC power  (3000W) is placed on the bottom of the furnace  for easy repair and replacement
Max. Operating Temperature
  • 2900°C Max.
  • 30 seconds Max.
Max. Heating Rate
  • <= 200 °C/ second
  • Several dead weights are included to apply pressure during heating
  • 10Kg Max
  • Electric motor with digital pressure sensor is available up to 500Kg at the extra cost
Sample size
  • Max. 35 mm diameter x  1.0 mm thickness
  •  You may process  multi-samples at the same time for hi-though research
Temperature Control

  • There are two heating modes with digital IR temperature senor
    • (1) Manual heating with IR  temperature display to achieve max heating rate   ( ~ 200oC/S)
    • (2) Programmable temperature control by IR sensor  and digital display
Vacuum chamber

  • High Purity quartz  with dimensions:
  • SS flanges are built-in on the top and bottom with gas inlet and outlet valve and KF 25 port for vacuum pump
  • Vacuum level:  10-2 torr by mechanical pump and 10-5 by turbopump
  • The digital vacuum gauge is included, and the vacuum pump is optional

  • Vacuum sealed and a movable rod is installed on the top flange.
  • Two ceramic plates will press on the heating foils, where the sample is located between two heating foils.
  • Deadweight with 1000 g each will be adding the rod and applying the pressure to the sample.
  • 10 pcs deadweight pieces are included for a total of 10 kg weight
  • An electric motor-driven pressure mechanism is available upon request at the extra cost.
Net Weight
60 Kg
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Shipping Weight
160 lbs
One-year limited warranty with lift time support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes and O-rings are not covered by the warranty.
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available at extra cost. 
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