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Flanges for 1" (25.4mm) O.D tube

Flanges for 1.5" (40/42mm)O.D tube
Sealing flanges for 40 - 42 mm O.D tube

Flanges for 2'' (50mm) O.D tube
Sealing flanges for 2'' (50mm) O.D tube

Flanges for 60mm (2.36")  O.D tube
Sealing flanges for 60mm O.D tube

Flanges for 2.5'' ( 63.5 mm) O.D tube

Flanges for 2.75" (70mm) O.D tube

Flange for 3” ( 76 mm) O.D tube
Sealing flanges for 80mm O.D tube

Flange for 80mm / 84mm OD tube
Sealing flanges for 80mm O.D tube

Sealing flanges for 3.5'' O.D tube
Sealing flanges for 2'' (50mm) O.D tube

Sealing flanges for 4" (100mm) O.D tube

Sealing flanges for tube 4.5 & 5" Dia

Sealing Flanges for Tube  6"

Sealing Flanges for Tube. 8.5", 11"

Flanges with Feed-throughs

Processing Tubes and Blocks
Processing Tubes (Alumina , mullite & Quartz, ZrO2, Graphite and Super-alloy tubes ) and Blocks

Humidity & Oxygen Monitor
Humidity and Oxygen Monitor

Vacuum Fitting, Valve & Feedthrough
Stainless Steel Vacuum Fittings, Pipes & Valves

Vacuum Pump & High Vacuum Station
Vacuum pump and high vacuum station

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