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1200ºC Max. Slidable Multi Zone PECVD Tube Furnace (Optional Tube Dia) w/ 4 Channel Gas Delivery & Oil-less Vacuum Pump - OTF-1200X-II-PEC4SL

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Upgrade to Eurotherm Temperature Controllers (Dual zone)
OTF-1200X-II-PEC4SL is a multi-zone slidable PE-CVD tube furnace system consists of 300W RF plasma source, with optional tube size and an integrated slidable rail, 4 channel precision mass flow meter with gas mixing tank, and a high-quality oil-less vacuum pump. Such a PE-CVD furnace is a new tool to grow nanowire or graphene with the following benefits:
  • Lower temperature processing compared to conventional CVD
  • High heating & cooling rate using sliding furnace
  • Each heating zone to create thermal gradient up to 200ºC
  • 1100ºC Max. working temperature
  • Offers a wide range of material deposition, such as Carbon & ZnO nanowire (or tube) and single layer graphene
 OTF-1200X-II-50-PEC4SL OTF-1200X-II-80-PEC4SL OTF-1200X-III-5-PEC4SL
Tube Size (Please select in option bar)
2" (50mm) OD x 1.7" ID x 71" Length 3.14" (80mm) OD x 2.83" ID x 71'' Length 
5" (130mm) OD x 4.8" ID x 79'' Length
OTF-1200X-II-50 OTF-1200X-II-80 OTF-1200X-III-S-130

  • Two programmable precision  temp. controllers with 30 segments.
  • Two separately controlled Heating Zones: 
    • 200mm length for each heating zone
    • 400mm total in heating length
    • 250mm constant central temperature heating area if both zones were heated at the same temperature

  • Two programmable precision  temp. controllers with 30 segments.
  • Two separately controlled Heating Zones: 
    • 200mm length for each heating zone
    • 400mm total in heating length
    • 250mm constant central temperature heating area if both zones were heated at the same temperature
  • Three programmable precision  temp. controllers with 30 segments.
  • Three separately controlled Heating Zones: 
    • 200mm length for each heating zone
    • 600mm total in heating length
    • 480mm constant central temperature heating area if all zones were heated at the same temperature

Furnace Structures

  • Split tube furnace with sliding rail
  • Max 1100ºC for continuous heating
  • Multi-programmable precision digital temperature controllers with 30 segments.
  • Input power: 208 – 240V AC input, single phase at max. 4KW

Plasma RF Power Supply

  • Output Power:           5 -300W adjustable with ± 1% stability.
  • RF frequency:           13.56 MHz ±0.005% stability.
  • Reflection Power:       200W max.
  • Matching:                  Automatic
  • RF Output Port:         50 Ω, N-type, female
  • Noise:                       <50 dB.
  • Cooling:                     Air cooling.
  • Power:                      208-240VAC, Single Phase, 50/60Hz

Anti-corrosive Pressure Gauge

  • 3.8x10-5 to 1125 Torr measurement range
  • Anti-corrosive, gas-type independent 
  • High accuracy and reproducibility at atmosphere for reliable atmospheric pressure detection
  • Fast atmospheric detection eliminates waiting time and shortens process cycle
  • Easy to exchange plug & play sensor element
  • Click the pic to view detail spec.
Vacuum Pump Station and Valves

Mass Flowmeters & Gas Mixing Station
It is installed in a heavy-duty mobile cart where the tube furnace can be placed on the top.  LCD touch screen is integrated to provide easy control in the gas flow rate of each independent channel.
  • Working Temperature: 5~45 ºC
  • Max. Pressure: 3x10Pa
  • Accuracy: ±1.5% FS
  • Liner: ±(0.5-1.5)%F.S.
  • Duplicate accuracy: ±0.2%F.S.
  • Controlling Range:
    • Controller 1: 0~100 SCCM
    • Controller 2: 1~199 SCCM
    • Controller 3: 1~199 SCCM
    • Controller 4: 1~499 SCCM
  • Click picture left-below to order bubbler or evaporator for CVD, constant pressure control module

Heating & Cooling Rates

  • RS485 port and software are installed and allow remote control temperature profile by PC ( not included, customer can order one from here )
  • In order to achieve Max.heating rate,  the user must preheat furnace to desired temperature , then slide the furnace to the sample zone of the tube
  • In order to achieve the Max. cooling rate, move the heated furnace from hot zone to cold zone
Heating Rate: 
15°C/sec (RT - 150°C);
10°C/sec (150°C - 250°C);
7°C/sec (250°C - 350°C);
4°C/sec (350°C - 500°C);
3°C/sec (350°C - 550°C);
2°C/sec (550°C - 650°C);
1°C/sec (650°C - 800°C);
0.5°C/sec (800°C - 1000°C);
Cooling Rate:
15°C/sec  (1000 - 950°C);
10°C/sec  (950°C - 900°C);
7°C/sec    (900°C - 850°C);
4°C/sec    (850°C - 750°C);
2°C/sec    (750°C - 600°C);
1.5°C/sec (600°C - 500°C);
1°C/sec    (500°C - 400°C);
0.5°C/sec (400°C - 300°C);
Overall Dimensions

2000mm L X 800mm W X 1500mm H
Shipping Weight & Dimension
Shipping weight: 1500lbs

Total 4 Pallets:
  • 48"x40"x60"
  • 48"x40"x40"
  • 48"x40"x40"
  • 81"x52"x40"
One year limited warranty with lifetime support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes, O-rings, and heating elements are not covered by the warranty, please order replacements at related products below).
Laptop, software & WiFi Control (Optional)
  • Brand new laptop with Microsoft Window 10 and Microsoft Office 2013 (30 days free trial) for immediate use.
  • Labview Based Temperature Control System (EQ-MTS01) enables user to edit temperature profile, manage heat-treatment recipe, record and plot data for MTI furnaces.
  • A wireless remote control provides up to 300 meters operating range.
  • Above features are available upon request at an extra cost (up to $1,000). Please contact us for more information.
  • Note: 
    The software is only compatible with MTI’s Yudian Temperature Controller


  • CE Certified
  • All electric components ( >24V) of the furnace are UL / MET / CSA certified, not including the gas mixing system, vacuum system, and plasma generator
  • The furnace is ready to  pass TUV(UL61010) or CSA certification at extra cost.( please click marks below to learn details)
  • Tube furnaces with quartz tubes are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.12 MPa (absolute pressure).
  • Attention: A two-stage pressure regulator must be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator.
  • The flow rate for gasses should be limited to < 200 SCCM (or 200 ml/min) for reducing thermal shocks to the tube
  • Click here to learn How to set up quartz/ ceramic tube and vacuum flange for MTI Tube furnace.Vacuum limit definition for all quartz tube furnaces: * Vacuum pressures may only be safely used up to 1000°C
  • MTI reserves the right to modify its PE-CVD design at any time without notice but promises quality in future designs meet and exceed the specifications above.
  • For operating PECVD system with tube size larger than 4", please always keep more than 1-meter distance from the plasma source after the plasma generator starts working
Operation Insturctions

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