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Compact DC Magnetron Sputtering Coater With Gold Target for Noble Metal Coating - VTC-16-D

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VTC-16-D is a Desktop Magnetron Plasma Sputtering Coater with a 2" target head, height adjustable sample holder. Especially suit for coating conductive gold film for SEM sample. It is a compact plasma sputtering coater designed for metallic coatings, such as gold, platinum, and silver. One 2" gold (4N) target is included.

  • Specially Designed for coating conductive gold film for SEM sample
  • Compact plasma sputtering coater designed for metallic coatings, such as gold, platinum, and silver
  • One 2" gold (4N) target is included
Input Voltage 

  • 220 VAC 50/60Hz, 200W
  • < 1000 W (including vacuum pump power)
  • 110VAC power is available by using a 1000 W transformer (15 A fuse). The transformer is sold separately
Output Voltage
  • 500 VDC
Sputtering current
  • 0 - 50 mA (max.) adjustable sputtering current
  • Digital current meter (mA)
  • Over-current protection
Sputtering time
  • 1 -120 seconds adjustable
Specimen Chamber

  • Quartz glass tube, 165 mm OD. x 150 mm ID x 150 mm Height

  • Please click here to order the Quartz Chamber replacement

Specimen Stage

  • 2" diameter
  • height adjustable, 30 - 80 mm from the sample to the target

Sputtering Head

  • 2" magnetron sputtering head
  • One manually operated shutter for target protection
Vacuum Pressure
  • Digital vacuum pressure meter (Pa)
  • KF25 vacuum pump connector
  • Ultimate vacuum pressure 1 Pa by the mechanical pump. The Pump is not included
Vacuum pump (optional)

Input gas
  • One 1/4 Swagelok type tube fitting is installed for connecting the inert gas cylinder
  • One metering valve is in the front panel for adjusting the input gas
  • One 50mm Dia. x 0.12mm gold target is included
  • 4N purity gold foil: 50 mm(2 inches) Dia. x 0.12 mm (Included and pre-installed on coater) 
  • Optional Targets are available (Click below to order)
      • Au target (50 mm Dia. x 0.12 mm, 4N purity) 
      • Pt target (50 mm Dia. x 0.12 mm, 4N purity)  
      • Ag target (50 mm Dia. x 0.5 mm, 4N purity) 
This model is suitable for coating Gold, Silver, and Platinium. It is not suitable for coating light metallic material such as Al, Mg, Zn, or Carbon target due to low energy. Please consider our high power DC/RF magnetron sputtering coater or thermal evaporation coater.
Product Dimension and weight

  • 460 mm (L) × 330 mm (W) × 520 mm (H)
  • 20kg
Shipping Weight & Dimension
  • 80 lbs
  • 45" x 45" x 40"
Operation Instructions

  • CE Certified
  • NRTL certification is NOT available temporary.
  • One year limited with lifetime support
Application Notes  
  • For the best film-substrate adhesion strength, please clean the substrate surface before coating:
    • Ultrasonic cleaning (Click the picture below to order) with the following sequential baths - (1) acetone, (2) isopropyl alcohol - to remove oil and grease. Blow-dry the substrate with N2, then hot bake in vacuum to remove absorbed moisture
    • Plasma cleaning (Click the picture below to order) may be needed for surface roughening, surface chemical bonds activation, or additional contamination removal
    • A thin buffer layer (~5 nm), such as Cr, Ti, Mo, Ta, could be applied to improve adhesion of metals and alloys
              Ultrasonic Cleaner                       Plasma Cleaner
  • A two-stage pressure regulator (not included) should be installed on the gas cylinder to limit the output pressure of the gas to below 0.02 MPa for safe usage. Please use > 5N purity Ar gas for plasma sputtering
  • The sputtering coater can't be placed into an Ar and N2 gas glove box for coating
  • Please multiple coating to increase coating thickness, please let the machine cool down for serval minutes between each use since it does not have water cooling
  • HIGH VOLTAGE! Sputtering heads connect to high voltage. For safety, the operator must shut down the equipment before sample loading and target changing operations
  • This model is not suitable for coating light metallic material such as Al, Mg, Zn, or Carbon target due to low energy. Please consider our High Power magnetron sputtering coater or thermal evaporation coater. (Click pictures below for detail)
  • Hi-Power Magnetron Sputtering                 Thermal  Evaporation             

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