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High Power DC Magnetron Sputtering Coater w Rotary Stage & Water Chiller - VTC-16-SM

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Item Number: VTC16SM
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VTC-16-SM is a High Power Desktop Magnetron Plasma Sputtering Coater with water cooling 2" target head, water chiller, and rotatable sample holder. The coating unit is designed for coating all metallic films up to 4" diameter wafer including Zn, Al, Ti, and carbon light film at an affordable cost. One Cu target is included for immediate use.
 (Since May 14, 2021, this product changed its color to blue )

Input Voltage
Output Power
  • 1600 VDC
  • 250 W
  • 150 mA max.
  • Built-in overcurrent protection (>150 mA)
Specimen Chamber
  • Quartz glass tube, 165 mm OD. X 150 mm ID x 250 mm Height
  • Please click here to order the Quartz Chamber replacement.
Sputtering Head  &
Specimen Stage

  • 2“ flexible magnetron sputtering head with water cooling is included (Fig.1)
  •  Target thickness:  up to 1/4" for the non-magnetic target; up  to 1/16" for the magnetic target
  • One 50 mm Dia stainless steel sample stage is rotatable from 0 - 5 RPM
  • One manually operated shutter for target protection. (Fig.2)
  • The sputtering head holder is available for holding the sputtering head while non-operation.
  • The distance between the sputtering head and the sample stage is adjustable from 60 - 100 mm.
  • Max Coating area: 4" diameter max. 
  • One Air Cold Recirculating Water Chiller 10 L/min Flow is included for cooling the sputtering head. (Fig.6)
             1.    2.    3.    4.    5.         6.     
Control Panel
  • 6" color  touch-screen control panel with PLC integration for easy operation
  • One panel for all parameters monitor and control: vacuum, current.
Ultimate Vacuum Pressure
Vacuum pump (optional)
  • Built-in KF25 vacuum port
  • The system requires an Ar gas tank with a pressure regulator. (not included)
  • <1.0E-2 Torr by Vane vacuum pump (not included) for Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Mo targets (not sensitive to air.Pic. 1-2)
  • < 1.0E-5 Torr by Turbomolecular pump (not included) for Al, Mg, Li, Lr,, Zn targets (sensitive to air. Pic. 3-4)
  • The lowest vacuum may reach < 4.0E-6 Torr by pumping overnight and baking (Pic. 3-4)
  •  You can order an RF power generator for sputtering non-conductive or semiconductors, (Pic. 5)
    Pic1   Pic.2  Pic. 3 Pic.4 Pic. 5
Gas Atmosphere
  • One needle valve was installed to allow Ar gas inlet to achieve better plasma coating
  • The system requires an Ar gas tank with the pressure regulator (not included)

  • One 2"  Copper target  is included for testing, Target size: 2" Dia.x 2.5mm.
  • It also can coat Ag, Al, Cr, Ni, Pt, Ti, Sn, Li, Mg, etc. almost every kind of metallic material.   
  • Warning: Aluminum, Chromium or Nickel Target can be coated by this machine, but please view the Recommend Coating Method before using.
  • Please use RF Plasma Magnetron Sputtering for coating Alumina
  • Film thickness monitor is optional at extra cost (Click Fig. 1 for detail. See Fig. 2,3,4 for image)
  • Heatable sample stage up to 500°C is available upon request at extra cost
  • Flowmeter for accurate control gas inlet is available upon request at extra cost.
   1.     2.    3.      4         
Overall Dimension
  •  Click picture  to see details
Net Weight
  • 20 kg
Shipping Weight & Dimension
  • 160 lbs
  • 45" x 45" x 40"
Operation Video

  • CE approval
  • NRTL certification is NOT available temporarily.
  • One year limited with lifetime support
Application Notes
  • Warning: Sputtering head connects to HIGH voltage. The operator must wear gloves during the operation
  • Make sure the target, sputtering head, substrate, and heating stage are clean before coating, need to use sandpaper and alcohol to clean and fresh the Al or Nickel target each time using.

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