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3 Heads RF/DC Plasma Sputtering Coater for Powders with 1 PPM Gas Purification System - VTC-3HD-VP

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VTC-3HD-VP  is a three-head 1" RF Plasma magnetron sputtering system designed for powder coating to form various core cells structure.   DC and RF power sources are included for coating both metallic and insulation material.  The vibration sample holder is built inside the chamber to make powder jumping during the coating, and the gas purification system is used to replace turbopump and provide O2 and H2O less than 1 ppm environmental fro better quality coating. 

Input Power

  • Single-phase 220VAC +/- 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
  • 2000 W (including a vacuum pump and water chiller)
  • If the voltage is 110 V, a 3000 W transformer can be ordered at MTI (Click the picture to the left for detail)

Source Power

  • Three sputtering power sources are integrated into one control box (Click picture below to see detailed specs)
    • DC source: 500 W power for coating metallic materials (Pic 1)
    • RF source: 300 W power, 13.56 MHz frequency for coating non-conductive materials (Pic 2)
          -- Pic 1           -- Pic 2     

Magnetron Sputtering Head

  • Three 1" magnetron sputtering heads with water cooling jackets (Click Pic #1 for detail information) are included and inserted into the quartz chamber via quick clamps
  • RF cable replacement can be purchased at MTI (Click Pic #2 for detailed information)
  • One manually operated shutter is built on the flange (See Pic #3)    
  • 16 L/min recirculating water chiller is included for cooling sputtering heads (Click Pic #4 for detail )
 Pic. 1     Pic. 2       Pic. 3    Pic. 4

Sputtering Target

  • Target size requirement: 1" diameter x 1/8" thickness max
  • Sputtering distance range: 50 – 80 mm adjustable
  • Sputtering angle range: 0 – 25° adjustable 
  • 1" diameter Cu target and Al2O3 target are included for demo testing
  • Various oxide 1” sputtering targets are available upon request at extra cost
  • For target bonding, 1 mm and 2 mm copper backing plates are included. Silver epoxy (Pic #1) and extra copper backing plates (Pic #2) can be ordered at MTI
  • Pic 1        Pic. 2

Vacuum Chamber

  • Vacuum chamber:  256 mm OD x 238 mm ID x  276 mm Height, made of high purity quartz
  • Sealing flange: 274 mm Dia. made of Aluminum with high-temperature silicone O-ring
  • Stainless steel shield cage is included for 100% shielding of RF radiation from the chamber
  • Max vacuum level: 1.0E-5 Torr with turbopump and chamber baking 

Vibration Sample Holder

    • The amplification of vibration is adjustable from 400 - 2000 RPM in terms of motor speed
    • One 2" powder reservoir (cup shape) is on the vibration motor. Powder bounce and self rotate during the coating process.
    • Suggested powder quantity:  5 - 20  ml
    • Suggested particle size: 1 ~ 1000 microns  ( Powder must be vacuum dry before coting)
    • The sample stage of blade mixing  is available upon request for the larger amount of powder

    Gas Purification System

    • MTI innovative technology-- using a gas purification system to replace turbopump to get battery coating.
      • Two-columns of Molecular sieves are Built-in in the system. which can remove oxygen and humidity less than  < 1 PPM
      • Regeneration Temperature Controller is built-in for automatically regenerating the filters
      • Automatically purging function is built-in for quick reducing O2 < 200ppm & H2O < 50 ppm before recycling.
      • The automatic pressure control system is built in to keep the pressure at a constant level
      • 6" color PLC touch panel is included which can set and display the humidity and pressure level.
      • Click the picture left column to see detailed specifications
    • After purification with O2 & H2O < 1 PPM,  the chamber pressure can be set up a suitable vacuum level ( 50 - 100 m-torr) for sputtering, which is much better than 10-5 torr vacuum.
                      • Precise quartz Film Thickness Monitor is optional, which can be into the chamber to monitor coating thickness with an accuracy of 0.10 Å

                      Overall Dimensions

                       540 mm L x 540 mm W x 1000 mm H

                      Net Weight of Coater

                      • 70 kg

                      Shipping Weight & Dimensions

                      • Total 3 Pallets
                        • 365 lbs, 48" x 40" x 45"
                        • 390 lbs, 48"x 40" x 49"
                        • 210 lbs, 48" x 40"x 30"


                      • CE approval
                      • NRTLcertification is available upon request at extra cost, please contact our sales representative for the quote.


                      • One year's limited warranty with lifetime support

                      Operation Demo Video



                      • This coater may be placed into a standard glovebox with modification for air-sensitive materials. (Pic. 1)
                      • larger 3 head coater with 12" Vac. chamber, 8" dia. sample order, and 3x 2" sputtering guns,  is available upon request (Pic. 2)
                               Pic. 1      Pic. 2

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