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One Side 100nm YBCO Film on SrTiO3(100) 10x10x0.5 mm substrate - FmYBCOonSTOa101005S1FT100nm

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Item Number: FmYBCOonSTOa101005S1FT100nm

Epitaxial YBCO HTS Thin Film on SrTiO3 substrate up to 30 mm



MTI Corp joins with several research institutes around the world, to finally make high Tc superconducting epitaxial thin film commercially available at an affordable price.  MTI supplies high quality  double side epitaxial thin film up to 3" diameter on LaAlO3, LSAT, Al2O3 and SrTiO3 single crystal substrate by a unique technology. 

This will make YBCO thin film available at low cost.  Researchers don't need to grow thin film any more, but concentrate their talent on  HTSC film related devices, such as microwave filter for wireless and  HTSC Squid. 


Main Specifications of HTS Film


Epitaxial thin Film Composition

<100>  YBCO

Film dimension

both for one side or double side film

YBCO / LaAlO3                  10x10 mm ~ 3" dia.

YBCO / LSAT                     10x10 mm ~ 2" dia.

YBCO / Al2O3                    10x10 mm ~3" dia

YBCO / STO                      10x10  mm ~ 1" dia.

Epitaxial FWHM

< 0.2 o

Critical Transition Temperature   Tc

 90 K+/-5%

Transition Temp. range               ΔTc

< 0.5 K

Critical Current                            Jc

2~3 MA/cm2 @ 77K 0T

Surface Resistivity                       Rs

< 1 m Ohm  @ 10 GHz, 77K, 0T

Thin film thickness

100 - 500 nm        

Uniformity   for 2"  wafer

Thickness        300 - 400 nm  

Tc                    86K - 90K      

Jc                     3 +/-0.5 MA/cm2  @ 80% wafer center.
Must store the sample in dry box and vacuum oven , other wise Tc may be lower.   Anealing sample at 500oC for < 30 minute may recover  Tc


Sealed in Vacuum in a plastic box and bag.

Double side YBCO film on LAO. 224s Jc Uniformity measured FZK                                     XRD pattern of Epi YBCO Film on LAO
Note: YBCO is very sensitive to moisture, and must be stored in desiccator box.

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