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Compact CIP (Cold Isostatic Pressing) with 22mm ID Vessel upto Max. 380 Mpa - YLJ-CIP-15

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Item Number: YLJCIP15
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YLJ-CIP-15 is a CE Certified and the smallest cold isostatic pressing (CIP) in the world.  It has a 22mm ID hydraulic chamber made by ultra strength alloy, which can provide isostatic pressure up to 400 Mpa via a 15T  hydraulic press.  It is an excellent tool to prepare high-density compound pellet and small diameter rod.  CIP-15 has the small footprint and can be placed in glove-box to prepare air-sensitive materials.  A plastic protection cover is included.  The machine also can be used as a pellet press.
Pressure Vessel
  • 22mm ID. x 90mm Height
  • max available sample height 70mm
  • Made of high strength alloy with stainless steel protective jacket
  • Spare die is available for existing customer 
Max. Hydraulic Pressure in Chamber 300 MPa  -- continuous holding
380 MPa   --- less than 5 minute
Gauge Pressure Value to
Force Conversion

Optional digitalmeter with alarm
Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (Bar) for 87 mm Dia. Hydraulic Press
100 200    300    387
Optional Digital Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (Mpa) for 87 mm Dia. Hydraulic Press 10 20 30 38.7
Actual Force Applied on the Hydraulic Press (Ton) 3.8      7.6     11.5  14.7 
Pressure Applied to CIP Vessel ( Mpa) vs 22mm vessel cylinder 98 196 296 380
  • Notes: 
  • The actual force applied on the Vessel Cylinder (Ton) equal to the force applied to your working piece
  • Digital pressure Gauge ( 60Mpa ) with Alarm  is available upon request ( Click picture to see specs & cost)
  • For calculating the actual pressure applied on your working piece, please follow the equation below:
    F=P_(Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (GDPV)) ×S_(Cross-section area of inside piston)
    Since 1 Bar = 1.0197 kg/〖cm〗^2, Diameter of piston is 7cm
    Assume Gauge Displayed Pressure Value is 100
    F=101.97 ×π×(〖D/2)〗^2=3922.78 kg Force≈3.9 Ton force
    Therefore, From pressure gauge value to actual force is 26.31
    Assume Diameter of your Die is 4 cm, and Gauge Displayed Pressure Value is also 100 Bar
    Then, the actual pressure on your working piece is:
    P_(actual on working piece )= F/S_(Cross-section area of working piece ) 
    P_(actual on working piece )= (3.9 Ton)/(12.56 〖cm〗^2 )=310 Bar
    In general:
    P_(actual on working piece )=(P_( GDPV)/26.31) / (π*r_(Crosection area of working piece)^2 )
Hydraulic Machine
  •  15T Max.
Botton Cylinder Traveling Distance
20mm maximum, the bottom cylinder (piston) in the cross-section illustration in the dimension section below
Operation Temperature 10 - 40°C
The dimension of Working Space
 D1: 120mm   D2: 70mm   D3: 125mm  
 H1: 260mm      
 H2: 220mm

Overall Dimension 
200L x 330W x 715H, mm
Net Weight  70 Lbs
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • 100 lbs
  • 40"x 25"x30"
Compliance  CE Certified
  • One year limited with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty
Operation Video & Instructions
Application Notes                         
  • Never let the press hold the target pressure be longer than 8 minutes,
  • It's normal that the target pressure decreases a little bit during the pressure holding time, so never press the red nor the green button in this period.
  • Pressure must be completely released first, then make sure the hand wheel and the pressure release valve has been tightened before pressing
  • Do not raise the bottom cylinder (piston) more than it's maximum traveling distance. (20mm)
Packing List:
Name Qty
1 Main machine (15T Manual hydraulic pressing machine) 1 unit
2 Cold isostatic pressing dies (locating plate, top and bottom pressing die) 1 set
3 Black Rubber Rings O.D 7/8" 3 pcs
4 Pushing Rod Handwheel 1 pc
5 Hydraulic pressing oil 1 bottle
6 Socket Head Screw Driver 1 pc

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