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15T Hydraulic Press with 0.5" Heatable Die (250C Max) for Cold Sintering Process (CSP) - YLJ-CSP-15

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Item Number: YLJCSP15
YLJ-CSP-15 is a 15 T max. manual hydraulic press with heatable uniaxial die (0.5" ID) up to 250 ºC max. It is designed for the cold sintering process (CSP) of ceramic, polymer, or ceramic-polymer composite materials for applications such as microwave dielectric materials, solid-state electrolyte, and semiconductor. The compact design of the press makes it well-suited for inside glove box operation with an inert gas environment.
Application Note: Preparation of LAGP Sheets by Cold Sintering Process (CSP)

Cold Sintering: A Paradigm Shift for Processing and Integration of Ceramics
Cold Sintering Process of Composites: Bridging the Processing Temperature Gap of Ceramic and Polymer Materials


Working Pressure 
  • 0~15 Metric Tons
Gauge Pressure Value to Force Conversion

Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (Bar)
50     100 150     200    250     300    350    400   
Actual Force Applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton) 1.9   3.8     5.8     7.7    9.6 11.5 13.3 15.4
Actual Pressure Applied on 0.5" ID Die (MPa) 147 294 441 588 735 882 1029 1176
  • Gauge displays force in both PSI and Bar units for versatility (click picture on the left to enlarge)
  • Please follow the Force Conversion table above to obtain the equivalent force applied on the Hydraulic Cylinder according to the pressure gauge
  • Notice: Please close the Release Lever before transporting the press into the glovebox via the air-lock chamber. It will cause oil leakage if transported with the lever open.
  • Displayed Pressure Value to Actual Applied Force Conversion: 26 bar = 1 Ton
  • The actual force applied to the Hydraulic Cylinder (Ton) equal to the force applied on your working piece
  • For calculating the actual pressure applied to your working piece, please follow the equation below:
    • F=P_(Gauge Displayed Pressure Value (GDPV)) ×S_(Cross-section area of the inside piston)
    • Since 1 Bar = 1.0197 kg/〖cm〗^2, Diameter of the piston is 7cm
    • Assume Gauge Displayed Pressure Value is 100
    • F=101.97 ×π×(〖D/2)〗^2=3922.78 kg Force≈3.9 Ton force
    • Therefore, From pressure gauge value to actual force is 26.31
    • Assume Diameter of your Die is 4 cm, and Gauge Displayed Pressure Value is also 100 Bar
    • Then, the actual pressure on your working piece is:
    • P_(actual on working piece )= F/S_(Cross-section area of the working piece )
    • P_(actual on working piece )= (3.9 Ton)/(12.56 〖cm〗^2 )=310 Bar
    • In general:
    • P_(actual on the working piece )=(P_( GDPV)/26.31) / (π*r_(Crosection area of the working piece)^2 )
Pressure Stability
  • <1 MPa /10 min
Heatable Dies

  • 0.5" ID heatable dies with high strength tool steel of hardness >RC60
  • Optional:
    • Die with electric insulating BN liner is available at extra cost for researching the sample's conductivity vs pressure ( See Pic 1 below). BN liner is consumable, which only can be used one time ( order spare BN by click Pic 3)
    • If use BN liner, the special die with 10.75 mm ID die must be ordered together ( click pic 2 below)
    • For larger heatable dies such as 1.5" ID, please choose the 40T electric hydraulic CSP press YLJ-CSP-40A
 Pic 1     (Pic 2)         Pic 3
Working Temperature Range
  • 50 - 250 ºC  
Temperature Control

  • 30 segments programmable digital temperature controller with overheating protection
  • PID auto-tune function with +/- 1 ºC stability
Bottom Cylinder Travel Distance
  • 0 - 13 mm
Top Support Screw Adjustable Height
  • 215 mm
The dimension of Working Space Under Frame

  •   D1: 120 mm  D2: 70 mm  D3: 124 mm  H1: 180 mm   H2: 155 mm
Heatable Die Dimension
Press Dimensions
  •   200 mm L x 330 mm W x 480 ~ 715 mm H 
Net Weight
  • 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • The pressing machine was quality inspected in the USA, lifetime support is provided
  • One year limited standard warranty (Extended warranty is available up to 5 years at extra cost)
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL certification is available at extra cost
Application Notes
  • Preparation of LAGP Sheets by Cold Sintering Process (CSP)
  • Thoroughly clean the die pieces immediately after the use to avoid corrosion from the cold sintering process!
  • To avoid pressing die cracking, assemble all the pressing die pieces without the sample before the CSP experiment and pre-heat them without applying pressure.
  • The pressing die cannot be used for pressing powder with a particle size < 30 microns. Small particles may slip into the gap between pushing rod and steel sleeve and cause damages to the sleeve during the compression. Ball mill and sieve the powder and apply only the 32~75 microns power to the pressing die to avoid the damages. Please consider using the 3'' Dia. Sieve Set No.200&450 Mesh to separate the 32~75 microns particles from the powder clumps. Please clean the mold via ethanol after the completion of each experiment.
  • Warning: Customers must always wear protection goggles during operation !!!
  • Do not raise the bottom cylinder (piston) more than it's maximum traveling distance. (13 mm)
  • This compact press can be placed inside various glove boxes for cold sintering process of air sensitive materials under inert gas
Operation Instructions
           Operation Video                     LAGP Sheet by CSP           Press Operation Video    

No. Descriptions Qty. Image
1 YLJ-15 compact hydraulic pellet press 1 unit
2 EQ-HC-D heatable pressing die with temperature controller 1 unit  
3 Operation manual CD 1 pc

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