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MTI Corporation, founded in 1994 by a group of material researchers from MIT and UC Berkeley, has now become the leading manufacturer of oxide crystals and substrates and lab equipment for material research. MTI Corporation formed KJ Group and currently operates multiple production factories in China. This allows for the possibility of providing high quality and low-cost precision machines for material research and R&D Labs, including low-speed cutting saw, wire diamond saw, auto polishing machine, high-temperature oven, tube furnace, and complete set of equipment for research of rechargeable battery materials. Simple to operate, low cost and commitment to our customers is our priority. MTI strives to become the world’s leader in bench-top machines for a material lab.    
MTI Corporation’s secured online store provides one-stop shopping convenience for our customers with transparent price, so you can enjoy shopping directly online with 100% confidence and save time. MTI ship products worldwide with the majority of the customer base from Universities, National Laboratories, and R&D group of companies. Again, thank you for visiting our website and supporting our business.

MTI now located nearby Richmond Inner Harbor where features a very convenient environment for both commercial and living. We warmly welcome customers to visit us.

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MTI History & Milestones:
- 1994
The founder Dr. Xiao P. Jiang received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Chinese Academy of Science in 1988.  He studied at MIT as a post-doctoral researcher for superconductor crystal under the supervisor of Prof. M.C. Flemings. He published more than 30 papers on High Tc superconductor and its crystal.
MTI Corporation was established to supply single crystal substrates for superconductor film with little capital.
MTI set up a joint venture in Hefei, China to produce LaAlO3, SrTiO3 and MgO etc single crystal boules, and substrates.
New Focus Inc. invested  5 million dollars to MTI  for producing single crystals and optical components for fiber-optics, then MTI became one of the major manufacturers of oxide single crystals, substrate and the optical component in the world.
Cooperate with Shenyang Kejing, China to produce precision cutting and polishing machines and  Shenzhen Kejingin Shenzhen, China to produce smart wafer containers.
MTI donated two CZ crystal Growth System to Stanford Research Institute and California State University at LA separately to help them to build up crystal growth Lab which worth $600,000 in total.
MTI developed many new crystals substrates for III-V and II-V, such as LSAT, Spinel, CdWO4, CdTe etc, and still kept profitable when "fiber optics bubble" was broken.
MTI continues growing and created a history of high sales both in crystal and machines. Especially MTI high-temperature furnaces got in the global market.
MTI provides full sets of equipment for material research from mixing, pressing, sintering, cutting, polishing and X-ray analysis. and donates two sets of crystal grower ($400,000 worth) to Material science and Engineering Dept. of Northeast University, China, where MTI founder Dr. X.P. Jiang achieved BS and MS Degree.
MTI's factory in China (Hefei) moves in a 100K SF facility and will expand lab furnace production line in mass production.
MTI developed and supplies new crystal wafers, including Ge up to 4", InSb and InAs up.
MTI bought and moved into a new facility with 30K SF in Richmond, CA 94804, USA, and achieves sales in history high.
MTI developed extra high-temperature furnace (GSL1800X) and gas mixing system with furnaces, and become one of a major supplier of laboratory furnace for material research in the world.
MTI donated USD $100,000 worth full set of lab equipment to Material Science Engineering department. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where MTI founder, Dr. Xiao.P. Jiang studied as a postdoctoral fellow. The donated equipment can be shared by all MTI Alumni Contact Prof. Geoffrey Beach at gbeach@MIT.EDU to discuss the possibility. 
JULY 2010
MTI obtained CE Certification for the tube furnace and muffle furnace. Please see the authorized documents below:
   GSL & KSL Series Furnace    OTF Series Furnace
OCT 2010
MTI obtained CE Certification for the SYJ Series Diamond Blade Saw and STX Series Diamond Wire Saw. Please see the authorized documents below:
NOV 2010
MTI obtained CE Certification for the BST8 Series Battery Analyzer and  PTL Series Dip Coater& VTC Series Spin Coater. Please see the authorized documents below:
    BST8 Series Battery Analyzer     PTL & VTC Series Coater

MTI Corporation has re-organized company stock share and established the global group named "KEJING GROUP". Our members are located in USA and China and providing equipment and related service all over the world. Please notice the trademark of the MTI global group as the follows: MTI Global Group Members: US headquarters: MTI CORPORATION, CN members: HEFEI KEJING, SHENYANG KEJING, SHENZHEN KEJING

MTI has passed the patent verify in Oct 2011. The authorized patent code are:
Vacuum tube furnace PC:ZL201120162249.4 A new high-temperature sintering furnace PC:ZL201120077178.8
Vertical split-tube furnace PC:ZL201120162248.X RTP tube furnace PC:ZL201120077168.4
Rotary tube furnace PC:ZL201120162234.8 High temperature and pressure tube furnace PC:ZL201120077158.0
Dual tube sintering furnace PC:ZL201120162232.9 Assembled PECVD tube furnace PC:ZL201120355777.1
Five zone tube furnace PC:ZL201120162224.4

MTI obtained CE Certification for MSK Series Battery Production Line (Coin Cell / Pouch Cell / Cylinder Cell). Please see the attached authorized documents below:
  • MTI developed a series of battery research equipment and become world leading supplier for battery research, including automatic coating machine for battery electrode, pressure controlled rolling machine, and compact PECVD system. MTI achieved 11 China to protect our advanced technology
  • MTI & KJ group donated ~USD $100K of lab equipment to Prof. Goodenough group in University of Taxes, Austin to appreciate their outstanding research on energy storage material and fast ion conductive material. Please click the picture below to see the donated equipment list and tie letter from Prof. Goodenough:
  • Donated Equipment List    Letter from Prof. Goodenough    New Bulletin of UT    About Prof. Goodenough
  • 11 patents of MTI-KJ have been approved in China.  Please click the link below to see all the patents:
  • MTI President, Dr. X.P. Jiang donated to MRS for setting up a Postdoctoral Award to officially start from the MRS Fall 2014 Meeting to recognize the contribution of postdoctoral globally. This award is offered for the first time in MRS history, announced at the MRS Spring 2014 in San Francisco, CA
                     (Click here to see Dr. Jiang's speech)
  • MTI's tube furnaces: OTF-1200X, VBF-1200X, GSL-1700X and high-pressure furnace have been passed CSA, UL, ETL, and TUV test and achieved individual certificate, which indicates MTI-KJ furnaces has reached the top level in the world
  • MTI obtained CE Certification for the YLJ Series Pressers. Please see the authorized documents below:
              MTI YLJ Series Hydraulic Pressers, Cold Isostatic Pressers, and Heatable Pressers

  • All MTI furnaces were built based on UL 6010 standard and provide UL, TUV, CSA ready service
  • MTI donated to ECS to support a postdoctoral award for battery researchers worldwide

MTI donated ~ $200K to University of California, San Diego and built up the MTI-UCSD Battery Fabrication Lab, which would be opened for UCSD students and Battery-500 team.
MTI obtained CE Certificate for the X-Ray Instruments. Please see the authorized documents below.

MTI & Jiang Family Foundation signed 5 years donation contract with ICT (International Conference of thermoelectrics) to sponsor Thermoelectrics Workshop for education.

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MTI and Celgard have successfully reached the settlement under court for the litigation on patent and trade mark

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