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Adixen Dry Vacuum Pump with Cold Trap for Pumping Traces of Corrosive Gas, Upto 10E-2 Torr - EQ-PV-ACP28G-LD

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Item Number: EQ-PV-ACP28G-LD
Adixen's ACP "G" version dry vacuum pump is specially designed for pumping traces of corrosive gases, with inert gas purge protecting the bearings. Such a dry pump is optimized for the use of various CVD applications when corrosive gas is presented. It is an excellent solution for pumping MTI CVD systems.

  • Benefits from the inert gas purging feature, the pumping gases can be diluted prior to the exhaust. 
  • No particle contamination:  The frictionless pumping module is optimized to operate without internal lubricant and provides an outstanding oil-free vacuum with no hydrocarbon vapor backstreaming. Without any seals between rotor and stator, no particles are generated. 
  • High reliability:   The absence of wearing parts inside the pumping module allows for unsurpassed long-term stability and high reliability in even the most demanding applications. 
  • Constant performances: The frequency converter drove motor provides constant rotational speed, thus stable pumping speed and  consistent ultimate pressure are achieved all over the world. 
  • Low maintenance cost: ACP pumps require overhaul only 20,000 hours of operation for the ACP 28G resulting in low cost of ownership. 
  • Condensable vaporability:  High flow gas ballast ports and drainable silencers allow  the ACP to pump high amounts of condensable vapors  (up to 1,000 g/h of pure water vapor).
  • Cold trap condensable ability: Dry-ice and alcohol will cool the cold trap to -75°C, thus trapping most volatile materials.
  • Complete accessories included for immediate use
Peak Pumping Speed         16 CFM (27 m3/h)
Ultimate Pressure with Purge 0.075 Torr (10 Pa)
Note: The ultimate vacuum level by the pump may vary from chamber to chamber in terms of size and sealing condition.
Ultimate Pressure w/o Purge 0.023 Torr (3 Pa)
Cold Trap Vacuum Compatibility

5E-4 Torr (0.067 Pa)
Power consumption
  • 700W at ultimate pressure
  • 1200W at atmosphere
Ambient Temperature           12 - 40  ºC
Inlet Port KF25 Flange
Exhaust Port KF25 Flange
Inlet & Outlet Port for Cold Trap KF40 Flange
Port for N2 Purge  1/4'' G
Power Supply    110V - 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Max. helium leak rate    < 3.75E-7Torr/s
Weight   40Kg
Dimensions for pump  647 x 193 x 322mm  
Accessories included
  • One 1 meter long SS  below with KF25 adaptor
  • Two KF25 quick clamps 
  • Two KF40 quick clamps 
  • Two KF40 to KF25 Reducer Union
Warranty  One year (Attention: Improper use will cause all claims for liability and warranties to be forfeited. Improper use is deemed to be all use for purposes deviating from those mentioned in below, especially: 
  • Pumping of condensing vapors.
  • Pumping of liquids.
  • Pumping of dust.
  • Operation with improper high levels of insulated heat input.
  • Operation in potentially explosive areas.
  • ELT Certification
  • CE Approved
Attentions & Notes
  • Before switching off, isolate the pump from the installation and let it run for 1 hour with gas ballast opened. This "Pump Stop" procedure is very important to remove the condensable vapour from the pump and keep it healthy for the next run.
  • The ultimate vacuum level achievable by the pump may vary according to the chamber size and sealing condition.
  • For the use with flammable gases, the user must dilute the gases below the lower explosion limit to avoid the risks of explosion. Please click underline to learn the lower/higher explosion limits of various kinds of flammable gases.
  • When using vacuum pumps, it is recommended that Traps & Filters are used to minimize exhaust, protect the specimen environment and also the vacuum pump itself.
  • Protect the internals parts of the vacuum pump from being damaged by condensed vapors and small particles by connecting a cold trap (included) or particle trap to the pump foreline ( please click on the pictures below for details ).
  • Please choose a vacuum gauge by click picture below right

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