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8 Channel Battery Analyzer (2-1000 mA, 5V) w/ Laptop & Software - BST8-1A

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Item Number: BST8A1

BST8-1A is an eight-channel battery analyzer for battery research with a current range from 2 mA to 1000 mA up to 5V. Which can measure both cylindrical cells and pouch cells. The purchase comes with a brand-new laptop with the latest version of controller software installed and calibrated for immediate use.



  • 110V or 220V AC switchable, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

  • 15 W per channel
  • 120 W Max. in total.


  • Range: 2 mA –  1,000mA programmable
  • Accuracy: ±(0.05% RD + 0.05% FS)
  • Resolution: 0.01 mA


  • Range: 10 mV - 5V programmable
  • Accuracy: ±(0.05% RD + 0.05% FS)
  • Resolution: 0.1 mV

Data Sampling

  • Time interval: 1 - 900s

Max. Measurement cycles

  • 65535 cycles

Max. Program steps

  • 400 steps

Product Dimensions

  • 475 mm L x 400 mm W x 145 mm H

Channels & Test Modes

Eight independent programmable channels. Each channel can work under different modes and functions independently
Working modes Include:
  • Charge: constant current charge (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant current & constant voltage charge(CC-CV) 
  • Discharge: constant current discharge (CD), constant power discharge (CP), constant resistance discharge (CR)
  • Rest
  • Cycles

Battery Holders

  • Built-in Cylindrical Cell Holder.
  • 8 pairs of alligator clips with cable for universal connecting

Programs & Software

  • The software is included to set various working modes for evaluating cell capacity and lifecycle for all types of rechargeable batteries
  • Limited threshold conditions include voltage, current, time, capacity, negative voltage slope, etc.
  • With real-time monitoring windows and integrated graph/data windows, the testing process can be observed more directly and efficiently.
  • During the test, the software will provide instructions and warnings for assistance.
  • The software  is not compatible with other MTI brand battery analyzers

Test Reports and Curves for Analysis

  • Various graphs and curves can be created by software based on user definition. (Voltage-time curve, current-time curve, capacity-voltage curve, loops times charge/discharge capacity curve, loops times charge/ discharge efficiency curve, etc)
  • Data reports are created by software in excel format. A copy of MS Excel must be installed in order to export data. The user can easily compare the performance of the batteries tested in channels both visually and statistically.

Protection and Auto-recover

  • If the power failure occurs during testing, the system will shut down all the operating channels. Once power is recovered, the system will automatically resume those stopped channels and ensure that the test is normally conducted, so that no cases will lose any data.
  • Voltage upper & lower limit; Current upper & lower limit; Capacity upper limit; Power upper limit; 

Laptop Computer

  • Brand new laptop ( 4GB RAM 128 GB SSD) with MS Window 10 and the latest version testing software is installed and calibrated for immediate use.
  • Notice: We strongly suggest you keep an instant back of the collected data using an external hard drive.


  • CE Certified
  • NRTL certification is available upon request at extra cost


  • Two years limited warranty with lifetime support for the battery analyzer. (Note: MTI does not carry a warranty for the laptop. In case service is needed for the laptops, please contact the laptop manufacturer directly for warranty/non-warranty service.)

Operation Manual & Video

Application Notes

  • New buyers must buy the software installed laptop to avoid trouble from installation.
  • Warning: Please choose NEVER for Screen and Sleep off in Power& Sleep setting of your computer, or it may lose connection from the battery analyzer.

Net Weight

  • 12 Kg (26 lbs)

Shipping Weight

  • 30 Kg (80 lbs)

Shipping Dimensions

  • Analyzer: 33"(L) x 21"(W) x 9"(H) 

Standard Package:
Item Description Qty
1 Battery Analyzer + Brand new laptop with MS Window 10 System with Battery Analyzing Software Installed 1 pc
2 Data Transfer Adapter and Cable for connecting the analyzer to the USB port on the computer 1 pc
3 Testing Software Installation Disk 1 pc
4 Alligator Clips for Connecting Battery 8 pcs

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