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UL/CSA Safety Requirements Certification and Conditions

According to the different regulations in the universities, companies, governmental organizations, sometimes, the 3rd party safety certification (UL or CSA) is required. To obtain the certification, the equipment must pass the inspection of the NRTL's (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, current NRTL list). 

In MTI, the UL and CSA certification is optional which would be charged additionally. Upon the confirmation of payment for the safety certification, MTI will schedule the date of inspection. The NRTL, therefore, will send an inspection engineer to MTI corp to perform a series of tests to verify and certify/label the equipment. Then, the customers would receive the certified and labeled machine . Please contact us for detail information of the safety certification.


Also, MTI has classified the equipment into different categories which help determine the possibilities and necessities for the safety certification. Following is the information about the certification and conditions of our equipment under different categories. 

CE certificate (CE only)
The machine has the CE mark. However, we don't guarantee that the machine can pass UL or CSA safety certification due to the different requirement of those standards. Please contact us in advance if UL or CSA is needed. We will run a preliminary check on the machine and let you know the availability. If a modification (rewiring and component replacing) is required to meet the standard we will send you a quote for the modification and certification. 

UL or CSA Ready
The machine meets the UL-61010 or the SPE-1000 standards but has not been certified by NRTL. The customer can decide to have the safety certification done in MTI with additional certification fee or do it on their own after receiving the equipment. If the customer decides to do certification in MTI, we will arrange the NRTL safety inspection, and the machine will be labeled. 

UL or CSA certified
This machine has already passed the UL-61010, SPE-1000 or other required standards, and the labeling has been completed. The customer doesn't need to wait for the inspection time period.

NEC / NFPA 70 field evaluations (for US customer only, no NRTL is required)
For some US customers which only need the equipment to pass local City / County safety requirements (Such as certificates from NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)), we can provide the certification and the labeling at our site.
NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is an organization in the USA that publishes a comprehensive set of regulations for fire protection, electrical safety, and construction safety. It was founded in 1896 and has published over 300 standards to date. NFPA does not certify products. It limits itself exclusively to drawing up standards,such as the NEC and NFPA 79 standards relevant to control panel production. NEC is considered state-of-the-art by the US legal system. You will find further information at
Please read the article " The Secrets of UL and NFPA " to learn more.

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