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Crystals Substrates: A-Z

MTI has been supplying all types of single crystals for researchers and industries since 1995.  The table below lists the crystals we can supply from A to Z.  Please click the underlined crystal formula to order standard substrates.  We keep most of substrate for immediate delivery. Please click link below  to Find crystal substrate by application
(A - C )  (C - G) 
( G - L )
( L - P ) 
( P - T ) ( T - Z )  
Aluminum CeO2 (Epi-film) GdScO3  LSGM PbSe  Tb-Dy-Fe (GMM)
Al2O3 (sapphire ) CdS GGG & SGGG
MgAl2O4 (spinel) PbTe   W (Polycrystal)
 AlN    CdSe  Graphite Mg SrTiO3 WS2
Ag  CdTe InAs
MgF2 Nb:SrTiO3 
 Au CdZnTe InP   MgO SrLaAlO4 WTe2
Au/Cr coated SiO2/Si CsI (TI) InSb Mica Disks  SrLaGaO4
 BaF2 Co KCl Mo (Polycrystal) SiO2 ( quartz ) YAlO3  (YAP) 
 BaTiO3  DyScO3
KH2PO4 MoS2 SiC (4H, 6H, 3C) YAG 
Bi2Se3 Diamond   KTN MoSe2 SBN YIG
 Bi2Te3 Diamond Epi Film on Si
KTaO3 MoTe2 Si  YVO4
Bi4Ge3O12(BGO12) Fe (SS-Poly) LaAlO3  NaCl Si-Ge YSZ  
Bi12GeO20(BGO20) Fe2O3 LaF3  NaBi(WO4)2 SOI ZnO
BN (h) Fe3O4
La3Ga5SiO14 NdCaAlO4 SOS
Black Phosphorus Ga2O3-ß LiAlO2 Nickel ( single xtl)     Ti (polycrystal)  
CaF2 GaAs LiGaO2 NdGaO3 TiO2(Anatase) Zn
C ( single crystal)  GaN LSAT  PBN  TiO2 (Rutile) ZnSe
 CaCO3 (Calcite) GaSe  Li PET Film  Nb:TiO2  ZnTe 
Cu  GaP LiNbO3 PbWO4  Ta Zr
GaTe   LiTaO3 PMNT  TGG Zero Diffraction Plate
 CE:YAG GaSb  Lu2SiO5 : Ce
PbS   TeO2 
Two Dimensional Crystal
CdWO4 Ge  LiF TbScO3
Ceramic/Glass Epi thin film on substrate
Metal substrate & Foil
Target Materials    Thermal Oxide wafer
      New substrate !!!
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