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Digital Low Speed Diamond Saw with 4" Cutting Blades & Complete Accessories - SYJ-150

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Item Number: SYJ150
SYJ-150 is a low-speed diamond saw, which equips with an advanced digital micrometer and a digital speed display controller, it is the perfect tool for cutting/dicing/slicing all kinds of materials up to 32.5 mm thickness, especially for brittle crystals, ceramics, TEM samples, and even plastic samples. Also, this saw can be used for cutting cylindrical cells for failure analysis.

Voltage and Power

  • 24 VDC switchable for worldwide usage
  • 24 VDC Motor
  • 8 A fuse installed
  • An NRTL certified 110-220 VAC to 24 VDC power adapter is included.
Speed Range
  • Variable 0-600 rpm with LED digital display

Cutting Width & Depth

  • The cutting width of the slice is controllable from 1mm ~ 24mm by adjusting the LCD digital micrometer. The LCD micrometer is waterproof with a resolution of 0.001 mm and an accuracy of +/-0.003 mm
  • 32.5mm max. cutting depth. Please click the pic below to know the cutting depth
Diamond Blades
  • Three blades are included for cutting various materials
  • SiC blade: 4" x 0.35 mm x 0.5" Arbor for cutting nonferrous metal materials, such as superalloys
  • Al2O3 blade: 4" x 0.35 mm x 0.5" Arbor for cutting ferrous metal materials, such as iron and steel
  • Full sintered diamond blade: 4" x 0.35 mm x 0.5" arbor for cutting crystal, ceramic, and plastic materials
Optional: For better results, please order our CBN blade & LubeCool -150 Smart Solid Lubricant for cutting ferrous materials
Accessories included
Protection cover
Sample Holder & Mini-vise

  • One plastic cover is included for protection.  You must put the cover on the top during operation, otherwise the motor  will not move (Pic. 1)
  • An angles adjustable sample holder is included, please click picture 2 below for the details (max. opening 26mm)
  • One Mini-vise is included, which can be easily adapted onto the sample holder to clamp rod-shaped specimens with a diameter up to 1'' max.  ( Pic. 3-4)
  • Pic. 1 Pic. 2Pic. 3       Pic. 4
Package Dimensions
               365 (L) x 280 (W) x 235 (H), mm (click to enlarge the picture)
Balancing Weights Front (SYJ150-03): 0.75 lbs
Back (SYJ150-02): 0.55 lbs
Weight  Net Weight:  21 Lb
Shipping Weight & Dimension: 32 lbs, 18" x 14" x 14"
Warranty Two years limited with lifetime support (not including rusted parts due to inadequate storage conditions)
  • CE Certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request
Application Notes

  • Must use anti-corrosion coolant during cutting to avoid rusting the lead screw.  You may select our LubeCool-150 lubricant as a coolant which will make the diamond blade cut more efficiently and prevent corrosion. 
  • Click here to learn how to mount/align the sample
  • Applications on various materials
  • Using spacers to make gang saw, you may section multi-sample at one time (click pic left to learn how)
  • Combine with MTI 's MI melter, low speed saw, you can build an integrity small metallographic lab at a low cost
Melting CuttingAmountingPolishinMicroscope
  •   It is required to use proper cutting fluid with the saw to prevent corrosion of the machine components. We strongly recommend you use an oil-based coolant or lube cool lubricant with the water. Please Do not use tap water directly
  •   For cutting sticky materials such as non-ferrous alloy, epoxy, and plastic, you must sharpen the diamond blade frequently. We suggest cutting the sample along with the included dressing stone (Glue sample and the dressing stone side by side and cutting them together, this process will help keep the blade sharp enough for efficient cutting
Operation Demo Video


P/N Descriptions Qty Pic&Link
EQ-SYJ-150  EQ-SYJ-150 Low-Speed Diamond Saw 1 set
EQ-LSS-011  Mini-vise (1 1/4" x 3/4" Jaw Width; 1" Max. Jaw Opening)  1
SYJ150-02  Adjustable Balance Weight with Shaft at Back Side  1
SYJ150-03  Balance Weight at Front Side  1
SYJ150-04  Goniometric Specimen Holder  1
SYJ150-05  One Pair of Blade Clams, 35 mm dia. (1.4")  1
SYJ150-06  One Pair of Blade Clams, 48 mm dia. (1.8")  1
SYJ150-07  One Pair of Blade Clams, 62 mm dia. (2.45")  1
EQ-Resin50  Resin Bonded Ceramics for Samples Holding (50 x 50mm) 2
SYJ150-09  Aluminum Plate  2
SYJ150-10  Sample Wax Rod or bulk for Mounting Sample 1 set
SYJ150-11  Fuse (5A) 2
SYJ150-12  AC Power Cord 1
SYJ150-13  Screw Driver 1 set
SYJ150-14  O-ring of Driving Motor  1 set
EQ-LubeCool-150  A bag of 150-Lube Cutting Lubricant, 1 oz/bag 1
SYJ150-16  Lubricant Tub 1 lubricant tub
SYJ150-17  Collection Net 1 Collection Net
SYJ150-18  4" x 0.35mm x 0.5" Arbor Full Sintered Diamond Blade 1
SYJ150-19  4" x 0.35mm x 0.5" Arbor SiC Blade for Cutting Non-ferrous Metals 1
SYJ150-20  4" x 0.35mm x 0.5" Arbor Al2O3 Blade for Cutting Ferrous Metals 1
 Dressing Stone for sharpening and Reactivating Diamond blade  1
SYJ150-22 90 Degree Cross Vise 
   Motor for SYJ-150

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