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Battery electrodes made of dry powders with adhesive are attracting people's attention in battery research due to their possible high energy density.
The flexible electrolyte has become a popular project due to battery safety issues.
MTI provides the equipment below to make the research possible at a lab scale and at affordable costs.
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Processing  Equipment Items
Application Notes
Dry powder mixing with adhesive                            
      Jet Milling      Planetary Centrifugal Mixing    High Dispersing

Uniform mixing of dry powder and the polymer binder
is critical for dry film preparation
Dry Electrode Film Forming                    
 Hot Plate Press     Roll to Roll Hot Rolled               Hot extrusion               Pre-mold+ Hot Rolling
The well-mixed powder would be added into the tape hot rolled with digital pressure display and digital pressure adjustment to form a solid electrode.     For a small sample, use a flat hot press to prepare a film

Hot Rolling                               
Hot Rolling Press                Sheet rolling              Roll to Roll Hot Rolling Press
The dry electrode requires further hot rolling
to increase density and form a thinner sheet
 Surface cleaning and etching by
          For the aluminum and copper foil/substrate,
it needs to be coated with a conductive adhesive layer.
Lamination Rolling       
Dual Side Laminating Machine
The film can be laminated on the current collector (foil) 
by the roll to roll lamination machine, 
and form two side coated dry electrode 
Battery Cell Assembly
Flow Chart
Reference Video

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