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Desktop X-Ray Orientation Machine for Single Crystal Orientation Measurement - EQ-DX-100G-LD

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Item Number: DX100G

The EQ-DX-100G is a desktop X-Ray diffractometer used for analyzing the orientation of all single crystal types in two-theta angles from 10° - 140°. The built-in single wavelength filter ensures the emission of a monochromatic X-Ray wavelength (Kα) with +/- 15” angle accuracy. Designed with precision and compactness in mind, this desktop X-Ray machine provides the ideal solution for crystal research labs, substrate manufacturers, and wafer quality control facilities. 



  • Simple Operation: With an understanding of Bragg's law, an individual can learn the machine operation within minutes
  • Precision: Crystal orientation can be determined accurately within +/- 15" (0.0046°)
  • Safety: Low X-Ray emission, automatic shutter, and lead foil cover reduce exposure to radiation
  • Cost Effective: Features comparable to more expensive X-Ray diffractometers

 Power Supply / Power

  •  Input AC 208 - 240V, 50Hz/ 60Hz selectable, 250W  (50Hz is available upon request; the power plug is NOT included,)
  •  For 110V, 500W Transformer is required for this diffractometer
  • The high voltage power supply is a discrete unit along with the diffractometer

 X-Ray Tube

  • Cu target, air cooling, Cu-Kα wavelength
  • X-Beam size: 1 mm width x 10 mm length
  • X-Ray tube with a monochromatic wave (Kα) filter improves accuracy
  • Scintillation detector reduces harmful X-Ray radiation
  • The X-Ray tube is a consumable part with 2 years warranty. The additional X-ray tube is available (See Table Standard Package of Machine below for price)
           Monochromatic Filter    Scintillation Tube 

 Max. Tube Current

 5 mA at 35kV

 X-Ray Detector

 Max. Voltage at 1050V

 Measure Range
  Graduated Platform

 2 Theta: 10° ~ 140°,  Theta : 10° ~ 70° 


 Digital display with measurement accurate within +/- 15"  (0.0046°)

 Sample Holder

  • One spring load wafer holder is included for holding a flat wafer or substrate smaller than 2" (See Fig.1 Fig.2)
  • One ceramic vacuum suction plate is included for holding a flat wafer or substrate larger than 2" (See Fig.3 Fig.4) 
  • A 6mm OD tube is required for the compression fitting on the back of the vacuum suction plate (See Fig.3)
            Substrate Sample Holder                                                                                    
  Fig.1 Substrate Sample Holder    Fig.2  Mounting Substrate     Fig.3 Vaccum Suction Plate    Fig.4 Large Wafer Example with Pump 

 Optional Parts

          Vacuum Pump       Boule Holder with Sample 

 Radiation Protection

  • Built-in automatic shutter prevents operation with the cover opened
  • Lead foil reinforced plastic cover reduces radiation leaking
  • Warning: The cover must be CLOSED during operation
  • A high-accuracy digital Geiger counter (or dosimeter. See picture below) is included for monitoring the radiation
    • High accuracy measurement with 0.05 - 9.99 uSv/h detection range
    • Audio and vibration high-level alarm modes are available
  • The radiation level outside of the operating unit is measured as 0.07 uSv/h, which is the same as the background level, indicating good radiation protection from the unit
            high accuracy dosimeter                 safe radiation level outside the operating unit

 Dimension of  X-Ray Machine

 500 x 650 x 400 mm  ( L x W x H )

 Dimension of Power Supply Unit

 500 x 500 x 500 mm

 Net Weight                                

 100 kg (220 lbs)  

 Shipping Weight  150 kg (320 lbs)
 Shipping Size  60" x 45" x 35" (1520 x 1150 x 900 mm)
Compliance  CE Certified
 Operation Video


 Appending links for 
 X-ray diffractometer


    Standard Package of Machine:


     Description ( included in standard package)



     DX-101  SiO2 (10x10) Single Crystal Standard Sample for Calibration  1  
     DX-102  X-ray Tube for DX-100 X-ray Machine (pre-installed in the machine)  1  
     DX-104  G-type Sample Holder for Measuring Crystal Substrates (pre-installed in the machine)  1  
     DX-105  Scintillator Tube for DX-100 X-ray Machine (pre-installed in the machine)  1  
     DX-106  Amplifier IC Board (pre-installed in the machine)  1  
     DX-110  Operation Manual  1  


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