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How to program MTI furnace

Video of Furnace YUDIAN Change SC/Cor to 30.0 (Access most of the parameters)

If you need to offset to make reading more suitable for your application. You need to change parameter "SC" in the controller.

Sc: Input shift. Sc is used to make input shift to compensate the error produced by sensor or input signal.
PV after compensation= PV before compensation + Sc(-99~+99℃)

Our manufactory default testing procedure: Put the thermocouple in the middle of the chamber, and testing at the certain temperature to set the default. Followed the instructions "How to Calibrate MTI Tube Furnace".

1) Make sure what type thermocouple you used, what Range and Accuracy are the thermocouples.

2) Make sure Which position you put thermocouple, means what position you need to calibrate.

3) And make sure what is testing temperature to calibrate?

      Set LOC=0 to access the Operator level of the controller to set heating program.
      Set LOC=808(YUDIAN) or Ploc=1008(BOTA) to access the Administrator level of the controller to Access most of the parameters.
Thermocouple Troubleshooting. 

The Error message 1312 or 1717 message means that the controller lost connection from Thermocouple.  So there are two possibilities caused this problem.  

First, the connection wire from the thermocouple to the controller is loose.

Second,  the thermocouple is broken, Just disconnect the thermocouple and measure the conductive. Or connect the two thermocouple ports of the controller with wire to see if the controller can read room temperature. 


In order to obtain precise temperature control, customers should pay more attention to the parameters of M5, p, and t. Actually, MTI’s engineers have already made a strict pre-heating test (rate: 5℃/min) and fine-tuned on these three parameters according to each furnace’ condition before shipping it out. Therefore, we have a confidence of satisfying over 95% customers.

 However, the diversity of environment and the distinction in manufacturing for each customer, may seriously affect the operation, so, using auto-tune function to decide these parameters for a perfect result when the temperature is not stable and the error is large:  Run the program and wait until the furnace temperature reaches to 80% of your desired temperature. For example, if your desired target temperature was set to 800C, the Auto-tune should be started when the chamber temperature reaches 640C  Press and holds the “SET” key for 2 seconds to enter the parameter setting menu  Press the “SET” key repeatedly until “CtrL” appears on the PV screen  Set the “CtrL” to 2 and then press “←” and “SET” key simultaneously to switch back to “Running State”  You will see the SV screen flashes with “AT”, which indicates that the controller has entered the “auto-tune state”. Then, the system begins to oscillate 2-3 times and the controller automatically analyzes the furnace’s heating behavior and yields the optimal parameters of M5, P, and t.  Press and hold “←” for 2 seconds to stop Auto-tune at any time you need  Due to different temperature, the time spent for “auto-tune” may vary Note: the parameter ‘CtrL’ will be set as 3 by the system after “auto-tune”. So, if the customer needs more “auto-tune” operation for the furnace, please reset the ‘CtrL’ to 2.

The furnace may be operated by PC with installing a control module.

Please order an MTS01 control module at extra cost. 

(Please notice: Microsoft Excel® is required, but not installed on the supplied laptop. If you need Output data Function, please install yourself)

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