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Movable Small Dry Room (100 SF) With Self-Cleaning Tunnel - MSK-ADR-1500EP40-LD

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Item Number: MSK-ADR-1500EP40-LD
MSK-ADR-1500EP40 is a small walking dry room with 9 square meters ( 100 SF) area and a dew point < -40ºC. 
The new two-stage moisture removing technology is applied to the small dry room.   The technology could remove moisture quietly and save power compared to the conventional dry room.
The dry room allows the operator walking in the chamber to work efficiently compared to the glove boxes.
The 9 square meters area dry room is equivalent to 10 sets of standard glove boxes but at about 50% cost.
The walk-in dry room is perfectly designed for the Li-ion battery pilot line.

Features and principle

Dew Point vs %
  • Modular design for easy installation without professionals
  • Made of stainless steel plate with 3 mm thickness
  • Uniformly remove moisture without "dead corner " and "channel effect"
  • Dew Point:  -40ºC  ( ~ 79 ppm) under the condition that has no de-gas or de-vapor equipment inside and measures in the center of the dry room with one operator.
  • Power saving with quiet operation
  • Only allow one person to operate inside the dry room
  •     Side view                     Top view                       Back view                     Layout 1                       Layout 2
 Dry Room Dimension
  • Internal  Area: ~ 9 square meters ( 96.8 square feet )
  • Operation Area: 2,920 mm L x 2,920 mm W x 2,100 mm H (Including buffering room 780 mm L x 650 mm W x 2,100 mm H)
  • Dry room size: 3,000 mm L  x 3,000 mm W  x 2,400 mm H
  • Dehumidification system size: 2,000 mm L x 1,000 mm W x 1,800 mm H
  • Lighting and power cords are built inside the dry room
  • You need  17' x 20 "  ( 5 x 6 meter) space at least in an air-conditional room with PVC or rubber floor carpet to place all devices above
  • The temperature inside the dry room:    It is dependent on the outside temperature. The temperature may reach 20oC if the outside temperature is 25oC
Power requirement
  • AC 220 V +/- 10%, 50 / 60Hz, Three phases
  • Installed Power: 23 KW Max. (Dehumidifier: 10 kW, Water Chiller: 4.5 kW, Reserved for Dry Room: 8 kW). In fact, the operation power for the dehumidifier and water chiller is 8 kW and 4 kW, respectively. 
  • 40A air-breaker for power panel of dehumidifier and water chiiller {I = P/ (1.73 * U * 0.85)}.
  • We highly recommend two separate circuit breakers for the dehumidifier (25A) and water chiller (15A) on the wall power source.  
Water Cooling Requirement
  • <= 7 Celcius degree cooling water
  • Cooling capacity:  >12 KW 
  • Water flow:  :  > 3 m³/h  
  • Waterport for inlet and outlet:  25 mm ( DN25 )  ( PVC tube:  25 mm ID x 32 mm OD)
  • We may supply the recirculating water chiller for you at an extra cost if there is no cooling water system in your lab.
  • Water Cooling System size: 1,350 mm L x 600 mm W x 1,250 mm H
  • Preinstalled in the front of the door 
  • Single person walk-in
  • 10 - 99 second cleaning time adjustable
Control System
  • Purification limitation: Water concentration -40ºC Dew Point with the empty room
Air Flow
  • 1,000 CMH (cubic meter per hour)
  • 588 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Air Turn Over
  • 20 times per hour
  •  Click the picture to see the details
Net Weight
  • 1,100 kg Including the Dehumidification system
Operation Demo Video            
  • One-year limited warranty on lifetime support
Application Note
  • Dryroom + Glovebox combination scheme is also avilbale upon requets to process air-sensitive materials:
Note and Warning
  • Must wear Clean room cloth to enter the dry room as picture left for quick recovery of dew point 
  • Please keep the cloth  in the dry room inside to keep dry ( baffle room )
  • Please allow 20 - 30 minutes recovering the dew point to -40 oC when one person enters the dry room

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