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Single Container (300ml) Planetary Centrifugal Ball Mill & Mixer - MSK-PCV-310AR

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Item Number: MSKPCV310AR
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MSK-PCV-310AR is a compact single-container centrifugal milling/mixer machine designed for mixing and ball milling slurries, pastes, and dry powder materials, especially for some high-viscosity materials. The standard package includes one steel milling jar and two 300L of containers. As an ultra-high-energy ball milling, the device can reach 223 G Max. impact force and get nanoparticles < 10 nm within several minutes.

  • Compared with other brands of the planetary centrifugal mixer, MSK-PCV-310AR has the following unique features:
    • Single containers for larger quantities at a compact dimension
    • The special container used as a ball milling
    • Low voltage DC motor which allows use in Ar gas glovebox
    • The gas inlet port is built-in for running under an inert gas atmosphere
    • Centrifugal acceleration: 223 g Max.
  • Sample Materials:
    • Nanopowders, Ceramic powders, Slurry, Paste, Mechanical alloying with special alloy jars
  • Input: 110 or 220 VAC Single Phase, 50/60 Hz 
  • Universal switch power adaptor with 24 VDC output ( 1000W) is included
  • Power: 450 W
Speed & Force

  • Planetary Centrifugal Mixing with 223 G impact force with a single container
  • Fixed speed ratio (0.4X between main plate revolution and container rotating)
    • Main Rotation Platen  (revolution motion): 200 rpm - 2,000 rpm (adjustable)
    • Container Spin (rotation motion): 80 rpm - 800 rpm (fixed at 0.4X of the revolution speed)
  • The centrifugal force of rotation and revolution induces convection to mix high viscosity material up to 80,000 Pa S.
  • The compact mixer can be put in a standard glovebox with Ar gas
Containers and Counter-Weights

  • Three containers are included:
    • One  80ml  container  made of  Cr12MoV Steel for ball milling  ( Zirconia ball included ) ( Pic. 1 and 2)
    • Two 300 mL containers with gas vents, made of high-density Polyethylene (Pic 3 and Pic. 4)
  • Total weight limit (containers + samples): 150 g  ( dry mixing )  -300g. ( wet mixing )
  • Note: dry mixing has more friction than wet mixing due to more friction
  •           Pic. 1    Pic. 2            Pic.3       Pic. 4   
Optional containers
    • 100 mL containers with adapter and gas vent, made of high-density Polyethylene (Pic. 5)
    • 30 mL containers with adapter and gas vent, made of high-density Polyethylene (Pic. 6)
    • An adaptor for three 30ml jars for high-throughput mixing (Pic. 7)
    • Air-tight container for milling air-sensitive materials (Pic. 8)
    • Please click here to order the optional adapters and jars.
  •    Pic. 5  Pic. 6       Pic. 7  Pic. 8
Max. Mixing Volume and Weight
Container Max Sample Volume Max Sample Weight Max Gross Weight (Container Included)
300 mL 150 mL 140 g 300 g
100 mL 50 mL 45 g 80 g (adapter not included)
 30 mL 15 mL 12 g 20 g (adapter not included)

  • Warning: overload may damage the device. Please follow both the volume and weight limit as above when loading the sample
Control Panel 
 & Program
  • Touch screen control panel.
  • Save up to 6 mixing recipes in memory, as shown in Fig.1 for speed, running time, and rest time
  • The maximum running time for each segment is 200 sec. The maximum total running time is 600 sec (Fig. 2)
  • Interval and cooling time set up between cycles in Fig 3.
  •   Fig.1    Fig.2   Fig.3 
Gas Cooling
  • Cooling gas flow is required to prevent bearings and sample stages from overheating. 
  • Gas inlet: 6 mm push-to-connect
  • The optional equipment can be used as a source of cooling gas. 
    • If the mixer is placed in the ambient environment,
      • Air compressor or N2 gas tank is a common practice to supply 3-5 psig gas 
    • If the mixer is placed in the glove box,
      • Ar/N2 gas tank feeds the mixer via gas feedthrough. 
      • Place a compact gas pump (24VDC) in the glove box directly to supply pressurized gas without changing the glovebox environment. 
Safety and Protection
  • Safety warnings and interlocks are integrated. The unit automatically stops when
    • The unit is overloaded with the sample
    • The emergency button is pressed. 
    • The top cover is opened
  • CE certified
  • NRTL or CSA certification is available upon request at the extra cost.
  • One year limited standard warranty with lifetime technical support
  • 70 kg (150 lbs)
Shipping Weight & Dimensions
  • 267 lbs
  • 47" x 39" x 38"
Operation Video and Instructions
Application Notes
  • Always use the mixer on a level & stable surface for best performance and maximum safety
  • Do not use the mixer in a hazardous atmosphere, or with flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous material! Check the chemical resistance of the container with different materials before loading the sample!!!
  • Do not overload the mixer!  Use a digital balance to make sure the sample loading is balanced before mixing
  • Double-check if the containers are mounted correctly and securely before mixing
  • Only use the included containers for the mixing operation! Double-check to make sure there is no foreign object in the mixer before mixing

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