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1. MTI Sponsors MRS Postdoctoral Award:

MRS Postdoctoral Awards Nomination

MRS Past Postdoctoral Award Recipients

Yeonsik Choi, Northwestern University (2023 MRS Spring Meeting)

Qi Qian, University of California, Los Angeles (2023 MRS Spring Meeting)

Kenji Yasuda, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2022 MRS Fall Meeting)

Liang Feng, Northwestern University (2022 MRS Fall Meeting)

Mattia Biesuz, University of Trento (2022 MRS Spring Meeting)

Aditya Sood, Stanford University (2022 MRS Spring Meeting)

Zhijie Chen, Northwestern University (2021 MRS Fall Meeting)

Dasha Nelidova, Institute of Molecular and Clinical Opthalmology Basel (2021 MRS Fall Meeting)

Yang Liu, The Pennsylvania State University (2021 MRS Spring Meeting)

Yu Jun Tan, National University of Singapore (2021 MRS Spring Meeting)

Edoardo Baldini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2020 MRS Fall Meeting)

Chengwei Wang, University of Maryland (2020 MRS Fall Meeting)

Tian Li, University of Maryland (2020 MRS Spring Meeting)

Xianwen Mao, Cornell University  (2020 MRS Spring Meeting)

Rachel E. Carter, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (2019 MRS Fall Meeting)

Yasutaka Nagaoka, Brown University (2019 MRS Fall Meeting)

Kaifu Bian, Sandia National Laboratories (2019 MRS Spring Meeting)

Nicholas E. Jackson, Argonne National Laboratory (2019 MRS Spring Meeting)

James Bullock, University of California, Berkeley (2018 MRS Fall Meeting) 

Minah Lee, Stanford University (2018 MRS Fall Meeting) 

Arnab Banerjee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2018 MRS Spring Meeting)

Jie Xu, Stanford University (2018 MRS Spring Meeting)

Michael Saliba, EPFL (2017 MRS Fall Meeting)

Jieun Yang, Rutgers University (2017 MRS Fall Meeting)

Bert Conings, Hasselt University (2017 MRS Spring Meeting)

Yunlong Zi, Georgia Institute of Technology (2017 MRS Spring Meeting)

Qi Li, The Pennsylvania State University and Yongming Sun, Stanford University (2016 MRS Fall Meeting)

Babak Anasori, Drexel University (2016 MRS Spring Meeting)

Shinbuhm Lee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2016 MRS Spring Meeting)

Jiamian Hu, The Pennsylvania State University (2015 MRS Fall Meeting)

Beata Layla Mehdi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2015 MRS Fall Meeting)

Dustin Janes, The University of Texas at Austin (2015 MRS Spring Meeting)

Chao Wang, Stanford University (2014 MRS Fall Meeting)

Jonathan Rivnay, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne (2014 MRS Fall Meeting)

2. MTI Sponsors ECS Battery Division Postdoctoral Associate Research Award:

ECS Battery Division Postdoctoral Awards Nomination

ECS Past Postdoctoral Award Recipients

David Reber (University of Colorado Boulder)
Xiang Gao (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Paul Coman (University of South Carolina)
Alexis Maurel (University of Texas at El Paso)

Lin Ma (United States Army Research Laboratory)
Wei Sun (Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster)

Marco-Tulio F. Rodrigues (Argonne National Lab)
David Hall (
University of Cambridge)

Linqin Mu (Virginia Tech)
Minghao Zhang (UCSD)

Haodong Liu
David Bock

Haegyeom Kim

Kimberly See

Yelena Gorlin
Liumin Suo

3. MTI Supports MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize

MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize

MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize Previous Winners

2020: Tedrick Thomas Salim Lew

2019: Ognjen Ilic: Nanophotonic materials for space applications MRS Bulletin, Volume 45, Issue 9

2018: Hortense Le Ferrand: Robotics: Science preceding science fiction MRS Bulletin, Volume 44, Issue 4;

2017: Andy Tay Kah Ping: Bio Focus: High-performing assay using antibody-conjugated DNA nanoswitches detects proteins MRS Bulletin, Volume 42, Issue 11;
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