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  • Existing anode technologies are approaching their limits. Some researchers believe that the future of Anode Materials for the Li-ion technology is focusing on Carbon, Silicon and Silicon-Carbon Composite. Because Nanoscale silicon provides the best combination of capacity and power, but still not sufficient cycle life and nano-scale production approaches remain expensive.  Carbon helps silicon work better.  Traditional carbon coatings on silicon are proved to help and are consider essential for any commercial silicon product today.  Insulating the silicon from the electrolyte is necessary for good cycle life performance.
  • MTI provides the total solution for new Anode Materials for the Li-ion technology from raw chemicals to equipment.
Aritcle Highlight Matirails SEO Highlight  Equipment
Layered amorphous silicon as negative electrodes in lithium-ion
batteries, Journal of Power Source, 332(2016), Leyi Zhao, et. al
100 g Si (99%, 100 nm) Nanopowder - NP-Si-P100
Compact Vacuum Arc Melting System EQ-SP-MSM207
Direct plasma deposition of amorphous Si/C nanocomposites
as high-performance anodes for lithium ion batteries
Si  and C
Sputtering Target
Plasma Sputtering
DC/RF Dual-Head 2” Magnetron
Plasma Sputtering Coater - VTC-600
Nanocrystalline silicon carbide thin film electrodes for lithium-ion
batteries Article in Solid State Ionics 263:23–26 · October 2014 DOI: 10.1016/j.ssi.2014.04.020
Si single crystal for evaporation, purity >99.999%, 5x5x5 mm as cut
1200ºC Max. PECVD Tube Furnace 
Scalable synthesis of silicon-nanolayer-embedded graphite for high-energy lithium-ion batteries
Artificial Graphite Powder for Li-ion Battery Anode, 200g/bag - EQ-Lib-CMSG
Prepared Si-nanolayer-embedded
graphite/carbon hybrids (SGC)
Rotary tube
CVD Furnace

Construction and Testing of Coin Cells of Lithium Ion Batteries for New Anode Materials

New Anode Materials Characterization  SEO Highlight  Equipment
XRD Characterization
Make a CR2032 Battery to Electrochemical characterization

Click picture below to view the video  
how to coat the electrode and then make a coin cell:

Planetary ball mill
Slurry Mix
Drying below 200C
in one
200ºC Max.Compact Tape Casting Coater with Heated Vacuum Bed & Carbon Filter - MSK-AFA- H200A

(electrode or discs need to be heated to remove moisture before putting in the glovebox
4" Width Electric Hot Rolling Press with Variable Speed up to 100°C - MSK-HRP-01 (NRTL Ready & Ar Gas Compatible)
Cutting disc
Heavy Duty Disc Cutter with Standard 12, 15, 19 &20 mm Dia. Cutting Die & Optional 10, 12.7, (1/2''), 16, 18, 24mm - MSK-T-06
High-Throughput Testing of Battery Materials---Electrochemical characterization
Testing Coin-cell
8 Channel Split Coin Cell Kit for High-Throughput Testing of Battery Materials - EQ-HSC-8
Batter cycled
Electrochemical characterization

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