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High-Density Polyethylene Containers for Vacuum Planetary Centrifugal Mixer - PCV-LD

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Item and Size:
The high-density polyethylene containers are used for the planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer MSK-PCV-300-LD. Please select the container sizes from the options.


  • Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixing
    • The centrifugal force of rotation and revolution induces convection, homogenizing the materials
    • With the vacuum pressure, submicron air bubbles can be efficiently eliminated from the materials
Containers and Adapters      Please choose the desired container and the adapter from the option bar.
  • Option 1: includes one 300ml container with gas vent, made of high-density Polyethylene or PTFE
  • Option 2: includes one 100ml adapter made of high-density Polyethylene or PTFE
  • Option 3: includes one 100ml container with gas vent, made of high-density Polyethylene or PTFE
  • Option 4: includes one 100ml adapter and one 30ml adapter made of high-density Polyethylene or PTFE
  • Option 5: includes one 30ml container with gas vent, made of high-density Polyethylene or PTFE
  • Option 6: includes one 10ml container adapter, made of high-density Polyethylene or PTFE
    Note: the 30ml adapter option includes both the 30ml and the 100ml adapter, and both adapters are needed for using the 30ml containers. Please click the pictures below for more detail.
        100ml Container        30ml Container      3x10ml Container 

  • 300ml containers: 76mm (O.D.) x 88mm (Height)
  • 100ml containers: 60mm (O.D.) x 57mm (Height)
  • 30ml containers: 40mm (O.D.) x 35mm (Height)
  • 100ml adapters: 83mm (O.D.) x 61.75mm (I.D.) x 35mm (Height)
  • 30ml adapters: 68mm (O.D.) x 40mm (I.D.) x 28.5 (Height)
          300ml Container     100ml Container    30ml Container       100ml Adapter         30ml Adapter
Maximum Mixing Volume and Weight
  • Container Max Sample Volume Max Sample Weight Max Gross Weight (Container Included)
    300 mL 150 mL 140 g 200 g
    100 mL 50 mL 45 g 80 g (adapter not included)
     30 mL 15 mL 12 g 20 g (adpater not included)
  • Attention: Sample material overload might damage the motor and/or cause spilling. Follow both the volume and weight limit when loading the sample
Application Notes
  • Always use the mixer on a level & stable surface for best performance and maximum safety
  • Do not use the mixer in a hazardous atmosphere, or with flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous material! Check the chemical resistance of the container with the different materials before loading the sample!!!
  • Do not overload the mixer! Stop the mixing operation immediately if abnormal sound/vibration are observed
  • Use a digital balance to make sure the sample loading is balanced before mixing
  • Double-check if the containers are mounted correctly and securely before mixing
  • Do not open the cover lid until the rotation has completely stopped! Do not retrieve the containers and/or put hand close to the mixing fixture while the rotation has not completely stopped!
  • Only use the included containers for the mixing operation! 

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