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Precision Wire Saw with Sample Stage and Diamond Wire - 12" Dia Cutting Capability - STX-1202

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Item Number: STX1202
Transported by LTL Freight (Truck)
The STX-1202 precision reciprocating type diamond wire saw uses diamond impregnated wire (0.3mm dia.) for cutting all kinds of materials (especially for larger size crystals, such as Si, Ge, and GaAs, etc. with boule diameter up to 12" (300 mm) and leaves a smooth cutting surface. Y and Z axis and the rotary sample stage are all driven by the stepper motors which provide the precise, stable and varied cutting of the samples. The cutting program can be set in the touch screen controller which includes the feeding speed, cutting depth, width, slice number, etc.
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 350W  (110V available upon request)
Frame Material Heavy-duty Aluminum alloy

6" color LCD touch screen control panel
program to control the Moving Speed of the diamond wire, feeding speed of the sample stage, the slicing thickness, and coolant pump operation.
Three axles Sample Stage

(All three axles are driven by the stepper motors and can be defined in the cutting program.)
  • Z axle moves the diamond wire up and down
    • Z down(cutting/feeding): The diamond wire moves down toward the sample stage
    • Z up(backing): The diamond wire moves up and away from the sample stage
  • Y axle moves the sample stage in and out (defining the cutting width)
  • R axle rotates the sample stage horizontally
  • Max. loading: 20 Kg (Heavier load is available upon request)
   wire saw STX-1202   wire saw STX-1202
Travel Distance (Z) 0.01 - 300mm (±0.01mm)
Feeding Speed (Z up) 0.01 - 30 mm/min (±0.01mm)
Back Speed (Z down) 1 - 30mm/min (±0.01mm)
Travel Distance (Y) 0.01 - 300mm (±0.01mm)
Cutting Width (Y) 0.01 - 300mm (±0.01mm)
Stage Rotation (R) 0.01 - 360 degree (+/-0.032 degree) 
Spooler Rotating Speed 0 - 5 meter/second
Diamond wire Ø 0.35mm x 150m Length (accuracy +/- 0.03mm) 
 (please click the pic to order spare one)
Maxium Sample Dimensions Ø300mm×300mm
Wire Tension System
  • Built-in pneumatic valves can adjust the tension of cutting wire. (air pump with >20 PSI pressure is required, but not included. Feel free to click picture below to order.
  • Optional: Digital Pressure regulator 0~130PSI (+/-3% full span accuracy, see Pic below right)
Cooling System One Coolant tank and two small immersion pumps are included for cooling and lubricating diamond wire (only use anti-rust liquid and oil as a coolant, never use water).
Meteorite Sample
  • Please click the picture below to view the meteorite samples that were cut by our wire saws
             Fig. 1       Fig. 2      Fig. 3             Fig. 4                   
  • Swing & Rotation Sample Fixture: Such fixture needs an independent controller for its parameter settings such as swing frequency/angle (±23°, up to 20 swings/min), rotating speed and rounds (30rpm max.) Higher cutting surface quality can be expected by swinging or rotating the specimen throughout the cutting process. Please click Pic.2 &3 and video to learn more details. The fixture will enhance cutting speed up to 2 times
           Pic.1                    Pic.1                                         Pic.2                                  Pic.3                            Video
Overall Dimensions

Wire saw: 1100mm L x 892mm W x 1700mm H  
Controller: 520mm L x 400mm W x 250mm H

Shipping Weight & Dimension 1045 lbs  
50'' x 43'' x 80''
Warranty Two years limited, not including diamond wire and rusted parts
Certificate CE certified. With additional certification fee, MTI can arrange NRTL to perform UL/CSA inspection and label the machine per customer's request.
Instruction and Video        
Application Notes
  • An air compressor is necessary for operating the STX-1202 Wire Saw, please order from the related product below
  • The flow rate of the coolant is adjustable by the valve in the blue feeding tubing. Please adjust it properly to improving cutting performance
  • Wire saws applications
  • It is required to use proper cutting fluid with the saw to prevent corrosion of the machine components. We strongly recommend you use an oil-based coolant or lube cool lubricant with the water. Do not use tap water directly, otherwise, the rusting component is not part of the warranty.
  • Never cut any materials without the use of proper cutting fluid. If you do so, serious damages can be caused by the spooler driving mechanism. 
  • For cutting the sticky materials such as non-ferrous alloy, epoxy, and plastic, you must sharpen diamond wire frequently. We suggest that cutting sample along with the included dressing stone (Glue sample and the dressing stone side by side and cut them together, this process will help keep the wire sharp enough for efficient cutting. 
  • Please clean the machine after the completion of each use.

Item  No.                                    Description             Image 
1 screw-drivers 1set                                         
2 auto-tensed wheel 4pcs (2 has been installed on the machine)
3 power cable 1pcs
4 spool handle 1pcs
5 hex-angle screw 4pcs
6 leading wheel 4pcs (2 have been installed on the machine)
7 spanner for wire-installer 1pcs
8 triangle block 1pcs
9 water splash guard plate 2pcs
10 Water splash guard cover for spooler 1pcs
11 150m cutting wire (0.35mm) 2pcs  (1 pre-installed on the machine)
12 wire-installer 1pcs
13 coolant circulating tank /pump 2pcs
14 Diamond Blade Dressing Stone
15  Smart Solid Lubricant and Coolant

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