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 Structure /Lattice Constant(A)




Dielectric constant

Growth Tech



Tetragonal  a=3.99 c=4.04

 1600  6.02    135  TSSG


a=5.45  b=5.75  c=7.93

 2127  6.6      CZ
 KTaO3  Cubic,  a=3.989  N/A  7.051      TSSG
 LaAlO3  Rhombo. a=3.790 c=13.  2080  6.52   10  25  CZ
 LSAT  Cubic,  a=3.868  1840  6.74   10  22  CZ


Cubic, a=4.21





Arc melt 



a=5.43   b=5.50   c=7.71     





 CZ, 2"


Cubic, a=3.905





 vernuil 30mm

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DyScO3 (110) 5x5x0.5mm 1sp
Sale Price: USD$99.00
DyScO3 (110) 5x5x0.5mm 2sp
Sale Price: USD$135.00
GdScO3 (110) 5x5x0.5mm 1sp
Sale Price: USD$89.00
GdScO3 (110) 5x5x0.5mm 2sp
Sale Price: USD$109.00
DyScO3 (110) 10x10x0.5mm 1sp
Sale Price: USD$305.00
DyScO3 (110) 10x10x0.5mm 2sp
Sale Price: USD$349.00
GdScO3 (110) 10x10x0.5mm 2sp
Sale Price: USD$299.00
TbScO3 (110) 10x10x0.5mm 1sp
Sale Price: USD$279.00
TbScO3 (110) 5x5x0.5mm 1sp
Sale Price: USD$99.95
TbScO3 (110) 5x5x0.5mm 2sp
Sale Price: USD$99.95
DyScO3 (001) 10x10x0.5mm 1sp
Sale Price: USD$335.00
DyScO3 (001) 10x10x0.5mm 2sp
Sale Price: USD$375.00
GdScO3 (110) 10x10x0.5mm 1sp
Sale Price: USD$289.00
GdScO3 (001) 10x10x0.5mm 1sp
Sale Price: USD$329.00
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