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Glove Box (31x26x28") w/ Humidity Purification System (H2O< 1 ppm) for Battery Research - VGB-3H-LD

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Item Number: VGB3H
Transported by LTL Freight (Truck)
EQ-VGB-3H-LD is a Dry glove box with an auto-moisture-purification system, which can provide an oilless, dry gas environment with a moisture level lower than 1 ppm. It is an ideal tool for assembling Li-ion cells for R&D purposes, such as electrolyte injection and battery case assembling. Customers can also freely choose the chamber size from MTI's VGB-1, VGB-3, and VGB-4A glove boxes for various requirements.
Note: The Moblie Cart shown in the main picture is NOT included in the standard package.

Working Voltage 220V 50/60Hz, Single Phase (110V AC is available at extra cost)
Glove Box Chamber
containment chamber VGB-4P
  • Glove Box: EQ-VBG-3
  • Case Material: Made of 11 gauge (3mm thickness) 304 stainless steel sheet.
  • Dimensions: 780mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 650mm(H)
  • Max. Positive Pressure: 810 Torr (1.1 atm)
    • Note: Gloves cannot work if pressure is higher than 810 Torr
  • Max. Vacuum Level: 0.5 Torr
    • Note: Stainless Steel case may deform at higher vacuum level
Air-lock Chamber
  • Dimensions: 240mm(ID) x 260mm(L)
  • Max. Vacuum Level: 0.5 Torr 
  • Air-lock Chamber Size Air-lock Chamber & Tray
    Air-lock chamber VGB-4P  slip tray
Vacuum gauge and valves
  • Two vacuum flanges are included for the glove box to achieve vacuum to remove moisture and oxygen without expensive inert gas purging
    • Do not operate under vacuum status. The vacuum process is used for purging the glove box chamber before operation.
  • Two KF-25 vacuum fitting ports with Quick Clamps are installed in the back for connecting vacuum pump, electric/fluid feed-through, gas circulating/purifying system, or other testing equipment
  • On the Glove Box Chamber On the Air-lock Chamber
Purification System
  • Automatic moisture remove to <1 ppm (Li-Ion battery assembling requires <10 ppm moisture)
  • Moisture filter capacity: 1.5kg max. 
  • The automatic pressure control system is built in to keep the pressure at a constant level
  • 6" color PLC touch panel is included which can set and display the humidity (ppm) and pressure level (mbar). (Please click the first picture below for details, please note O2 level will not be displayed on actual model)
  • The control panel is removable, which can be placed in any place for easy operation. (Please click the second picture below for details)
  • Dimension: 960mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 800mm(H) (38" x 28" x 32")
Purification Pipeline 304 stainless steel, KF40 port
Gases Requirement
  • Working gases: Atmospheric Gases, N2, Argon          
  • Regeneration Gas: N2
  • One float meter built on the Gas Drying System for accurate gas filling
Leakage Rate in Glove Box Chamber < 6 Torr/hour 
Power Extension
  • One extension socket (Max power 1500W) is installed in the glove box main chamber.
  • Power Input Socket 
  • External Power Cord
  • Internal Power Extension

  • Note: 110V power cord & socket are included for immediate use. (For use under 208~240V power supply, no plug will be included) 

  • Two pairs of Latex Gloves are included for immediate use
  • Optional: You may order 6'' Butadyl® gloves here because they have:
    • Increased stretching, bending ability and tear strength
    • High effectiveness when vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) is present
    • High resistance to aromatics, hydrocarbons, solvents, fats, and acids
    • Resistozone
    • High static dissipative qualities                   
Vacuum pump and fittings (Optional) Vacuum pump and fittings are not included. (Please click on the first picture below to order separately) 
Net Weight 120 kg (264 lbs)
  • One year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty
  • Gloves are consumable items and are not covered under warranty
Operation Manual  
Application Notes
  • The interconnections between the glovebox chamber and the gas purification system must be unimpeded during the purification cycles. 
  • The use of corrosive gases is prohibited as they will damage the water sensors.
  • Regularly perform regeneration to maintain the optimum purification efficiency. 
  • The H2O removing rate is largely dependent on the type of purging gas used. For a faster chamber purging process, Nitrogen is preferred over Argon due to its lighter mass. 
  • By closing the vacuum flange, the glove box can be vacuumed by a mechanical pump up to 0.5 torrs before filling inert gas, (moisture can be below 180 ppm and oxygen below 200 ppm). Then you can save at least 1-2 tank of inert gas from purging at each operation
  • You may choose oxygen analyzers below at extra cost  to monitor oxygen content inside the glove box
  • Trace Oxygen Analyzer (0.01 -3000PPM ) with KF40 Connector Trace Oxygen Analyzer (0 - 1000ppm) with KF40 & Flow Housings
  • Please call or email us to get the price and lead time for multi-pins feedthrough on the glove box if you need to measure the sample inside the chamber, MTI's technician can provide a solution with no impact on sealing (leaking rate less than 6 torrs/hour) in an affordable price. Please click the picture below to see our perfect customization: 
  • 16 pins electrical feed through outside the glove box
    (4 pins per one feed through)
    16 pins electrical feed through inside the glove box
    (4 pins per one feed through)
Shipping Dimensions 2 Pallets:   48" x 40" x 58" , 500 lb,    47" x 40" x 46" , 350 lb
Shipping Weight 385 kg (850 lbs)

Standard Package
No. Name Qty. Accessories Picture
1 EQ-RMP-1 Purification System  1 unit 

3 KF40 Bellows  2
4 KF40 Clamp 4
5 Power Cable  2
6 Foot Pedal  1
7 PLC Touch Panel  1
8 Pressure Sensor  1
9 Connecting cable 1 set
10 VGB-3 Glove Box with 3 KF-25 & 3 KF-40 Installed Clamps and Gasket Rings 1 unit
11 Vacuum Rubber Hose 1
12 Gasket Rubber Ring (Black) 2
13 Hold Hoop Ø6" 2
14 Hold Hoop Ø10~20mm 6
15 Latex Gloves 2 pairs
16 PTFE Tube with Nuts 1 set
17 GB-VG High Silicone Grease  1
28 Operation Manual CD 1

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