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Temperature Control System for Controlling MTI Furnaces with Computer - EQ-MTS02

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Temperature Control System sets up a communication link between the computer and a compatible MTI furnace with the 518/708 PLC or BT119 (please select the correct version in the optional bar). This setup enables the customer to efficiently control and monitor the furnace temperature via a GUI (Graphical User Interface) in real time.

ATTENTION: Due to the complexity of the hardware installation, we strongly suggest you purchase this PC control kit along with the furnace and our engineers will have the software & hardware pre-installed for you. Please note that this PC control kit is not for sell individually. 

For the customers who need to upgrade their existing furnaces with software control, please consider out Labview-based software tool MTS-01, please click the picture in below to order.


  • One set of Temperature Control System (EQ-MTS02) can ONLY control one temperature controller (or one heating zone). For a multi-zone furnace with multi-controllers, please take the number of zones into consideration and choose the corresponding number of Temperature Control Links (EQ-MTS02) needed. In the case no more than one laptop is needed, $500 can be deducted from the sale price.
  • For customers purchasing a new furnace along with this system, MTI will assemble the module inside the controller and have the software setup ready in the computer for Plug and Play. 
  • For customers who need to upgrade their existing furnaces with this system, a detailed operation manual for its installation and application is available.
  • The software required to install the windows .net framework
  • For MTI furnaces with 518P controller such as OTF-1200X, OTF-1500X, GSL-1600X, 1700X & 1800X, please select EQ-MTS02-Y 
  • For GSL-1100X, OTF-1200X-S, and KSL-1100-S furnaces with the BT119 controller, please select EQ-MTS02-B and change computer stop bit to 2.
  • For MTI High-Pressure Furnaces, please select module EQ-MTS02-YP

The Control System Includes:

  • One Laptop with windows 10 operation system (4GB RAM, 500GB HardDrive)
  • One control module (to install on the controller PCB)  to compatible with supplier software only. If you do need to control by LabView, please upgrade to Eurotherm controller (Command list for customer's own data collection).
  • One USB to Serial port cable (Adapter cable, for computer with only USB port available)
  • One disc containing the temperature control software and USB to RS485 driver compatible with windows XP/Vista/Win7/8/10 

User-friendly interface:    


Computer communicating with controller on the furnace


Parameter Setting:                

Program Setting:

Real-time Monitoring:

Curve Search:

Pressure & Temp. Real Time Monitoring (This feature is only available on high-pressure furnaces with pressure monitor, for EQ-MTS02-YP only):   


The output excel format of the temperature data

(IN curve search)

(Please notice: Microsoft Excel® is required, but not installed on the supplied laptop. If you need Output data Function, please install yourself)

(The file JS_DATA.mdb)

Save multiple temperature program/curve.

1) Add Curve and save your temperature program.
2) Choose the desired curve from the list of the curve. 
3) Upload the Curve to the temperature controller.
4) Go back, temp. monitor to begin the program.

EQ-MTS02-Y Software and Manual Download EQ-MTS02-B Software Download EQ-MTS02-YP Software Download


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