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Thermocouple: K type 1/4"OD x 18" L with Alloy Sheath, Detective Probe and Male Plug for Calibration - EQ-TC-K-Cali-18S-RTP-LD

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Item Number: TCK18SRTP
  • Super Accurate, Super Stable, Super Value
  • For Use with Temperatures Up to 1335 oC (2440 o F) FOR OTF-1200X-RTP-II
  • Excellent Long Term Stability at High Temperature
  • Nickel-Chrome Based Super-alloy Sheathing Provides Excellent High Temperature Performance
  • Detective probe make temperature  measure much more precise measurement.
  • Excellent Oxidation, Carburization and Chlorination Resistance
  • Made with materials of Special Limits of Error.  Perfect for calibrating MTI tube furnaces using a precision temperature calibrator (matched with male plug; related product below )


    • Length:                           18"
    • Diameter of sheath:         1/4" diameter
    • Positive Material:             Ni-Cr
    • Negative:                        Ni-Al
      Highest Temperature:     1200  oC
      Material:           Ni-Al
    • Lowest Temperature:     -200 oC
    1/4" thermocouple can be inserted into processing tube via flange
    and calibrating tube furnace temperature under vacuum *( click picture to order the flange)
    Application Notes
    • If necessary, please check out K type thermocouple extension wire with mini male plug.
    • There are 2 polarities for K type thermocouple: positive and negative. Please check polarity of K type thermocouple before use. Wrong polarity may cause temperature measuring error.
    • It is also easy to test the polarity of K type thermocouples. The negative wire is MORE magnetic than the positive wire. Just put a magnet up to each wire. One will be more magnetic than the other.
    • Chromel/Alumel is vulnerable to sulfidic corrosion which can result in a thermocouple failure. Apply a thin layer of Zirconia coating will protect the TC from corrosion and thus extend its service life. Re-apply the coating if there is a sign of layer flaking/peeling after the process. Please click the picture in below to order the product.

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