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YVO4 (001) 10x10x0.5mm, 1sp - YVO4b101005S1

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Item Number: YVO4b101005S1

Single crystal YVO4
Size: 10mm x 10mm x 0.5mm
Orientation: (001)
Polish: one side polished.
Surface  Roughness : Epi polished (Ra) <  5A

YVO4 is a new birefringent crystal for fiber optics. YVO4 is an ideal material for optical polarizing components, such as fiber optic isolators, beam displacers, circulators, etc because  of  its wide transparency range and large birefringence. Its medium hardness renders it particularly amenable to high quality polish and optical finish with ease.

MTI Corporation has set up a joint venture with Anhui Optics Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, KMT Co. Ltd. located in Hefei, China, and has been producing high quality,  low cost YVO4 single crystals and related components since 1997. Depending on customer's choice, we can supply crystal boules (up to 30 mm dia x 35 mm length), as-cut blocks or polished components with or without AR coating.

MTI concentrates on crystal business only and has no intention to manufacture fiber optical devices in competition with any of its customers.   Therefore MTI is your reliable long-term partner in fiber optics industries.


Typical Properties of YVO4 crystal

Crystal Structure

Tetragonal:   a = b = 7.12 Å    c = 6.29 Å

 Growth Method  


Melt Point

1825  oC        


4.22   g/cm3  


 5  ( mohs)

Thermal Expansion

 aa= 4.43 x10-6/ oC                ac= 11.37  x10-6/ oC

Thermal Conductivity,

A axis 5.32 W/(m.k)              C axis = 5.10 W/(m.k)

Thermal Optic Coefficient

dha / dT :   8.5x10-6/ oC        dhc / dT :   3.0 x10-6/ oC

Transmission Range

 ~ 80%  at 400 nm ~ 4000 nm range

Refractive Index  h

Birefringence (Dn) and walk-off angle at 45° (r)

ho= 1.9929    he= 2.2154    Dh = 0.2225    r=6.04o    at  l 0.63 mm

ho= 1.9500    he= 2.1554    Dh = 0.2054    r=5.72o    at  l 1.30 mm

ho= 1.9447    he= 2.1486    Dh = 0.2039    r=5.69o    at  l 1.55 mm

Sellmeier Equation ( l in mm )

ho2 = 3.77834 + 0.069736/(l2 –0.04724) – 0.0108133 ´ l2

he2 = 4.59905 + 0.110534/(l2 –0.04813) – 0.0122676 ´ l2

AR coating:

R < 0.25% @1550 nm        ( available upon request )




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